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7 Hot S*x Positions That Will Make You Seem Gigantic



Tons of guys have hang-ups about their size, despite the average flaccid man-hood falling between 2.8 and 3.9 inches. But if you feel you’re lacking down there, have no fear. The age-old adage still rings true: It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it. And > are several positions guaranteed to make you feel huge and totally get her off. Happy boning!

1. Modified Missionary: Normal missionary can hinder your ability to thrust, making it difficult for you to get in deep. If you want to go with a missionary-style position, lay flat against your lady, pelvis to pelvis, and scoot up a couple of inches before penetrating her, rocking up and close, instead of in and out

2. Turtle: A variation of doggy style, this position requires her to get on her hands and knees with her b*tt in the air, back arched, and thighs together, with her chest pulled down toward her thighs, allowing for a deeper penetration.

3. Squat Thrust: You’ll be laying on your back while she squats over you, leaning forward and resting her weight on her hands. That lets her take you just as deep as she likes

4. Swivel and Grind: Lay your partner flat on her back with her knees above her head. Rest your weight on your hands as you plow into her. Try using a grinding motion with your hips instead of the typical “in and out” thrusting, as this is not optimal for her pleasure.

5. Sandwich: If she’s flexible enough, bend her legs and bring them back to her sides with your hands or arms on her under-thighs. Enter her from up top while kneeling.

6. Girl On Top: Being on top puts more pressure on her cli**ris and enables her to control the depth, speed and angle of penetration.

7. an*l: If you’ve never done an*l before, now is the time to try it. Remember to take it nice and slow and use a lot of lube and patience.

.: Mademen

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