7 Important Fashion Rules For Plus Size Ladies


This is why Plus size ladies are fancied . men lately over the slim and straight ladies..

Been fashionable has nothing to do with size or money but how you see yourself and level of exposure. Fashion cut across all race irrespective of their gender, age or religion. Most of the time, Plus size women feel depressed and intimidated because they find it difficult to make any fashion statement. Gone are the days you think a slim, tall lady have it all and think you can’t compete in the fashion world.

Lately, Most men preferred curvy, fleshy and sexy lady to a straight, slim girl and the good news is, you can make a statement with your size. You might be wondering why we chose this topic, we realised a lots of women has  lost their confidence and self esteem.  Now you can walk on the streets shoulder-high no matter your body shape and size.

> are some important fashion rules for plus size women:

plus size fashion

#1. Know Your Body Shape

We have all made a fashion error at one time or the other but as a woman you must know your body shape and what will make you comfortable all the time irrespective of your size and age. It’s not everything you see or like you wear.

#2. Wear the Right Undergarment

it’s hard to look good when your undergarments doesn’t support your body. It is necessary for a plus size woman to conceal the extra body fat that might ruin your fashion sense. Appropriate underwears will make you look slimmer and smarter in any clothes you rock.

#3. Accessorize

Have you ever come in contact with a woman like you who can’t keep her eyes off you and all she could do was to compliment your looks. That’s the magic accessories can do. Go for an accessory that will make a positive statement  though it doesn’t have to be expensive rather classy and simple.

#4. No To Tight Clothes

You can look sexy and elegant without those tight dress. All you have to do is experiment with different clothes you love to wear but it must hang well on you. You don’t have to make that short dress look baggy rather let it fit well on your body

#5. . With Colours

Most women get confused when you tell them to . with colours, it doesn’t mean you have to use all available colours on a piece of fabric rather match them appropriately. Bright colours draws attention and as such your black dress with a touch of other colour will give you a chic look and confident all day.

#6. Create Your Own Style

It’s not a bad idea to create your own style, you don’t have to follow every trends rather define yourself and feel comfortable to rock your style. Personally, I don’t wear what’s in vogue at a particular time I would rather do justice to it other time.

#7. Feel Good About Yourself

You can’t stop human from starring and commenting about your looks. If you feel good about yourself then you will get positive compliments from people. Your self worth shows who you are and how people will treat you.

Plus size or not, the most important thing is how you are dress and the confidence you put on your face. Every man have a type of lady they prefer, be rest assured that you have a man that want you more than anyone else… 


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