Don’t get carried away by makeup artists Instagram pictures. Most of the pictures are ‘very edited’. Through tears, sweat, and the long-awaited kiss, your makeup should stay in place till the end of the day.

There is no doubt there are tons of makeup artists who will be vying for your business for the big day. It may feel overwhelming, as your choices are vast. Asking a few important questions can help you select a professional who will meet your needs.

6 questions you need to ask
1.  Can I see your portfolio?

If the makeup artist is not on Instagram or doesn’t have enough pictures on the timeline. This’ll help sieve out ‘learners’.  Most makeup artists have their own touch and you need to check their portfolio to see if you like what you see.

(Jackie Aina)

2. How much do you charge?

Before you spend precious time stalking makeup artists on IG, ask them how much they charge to be sure their rate fits your budget or if you have to look elsewhere.

3. Are you available to travel?

If your wedding is out of town, you need to come if the makeup artist is available to travel. Also, you need to clarify if you’ll be charged anything extra. Just so they don’t end up sending one of their students to you because they are not available to travel.

4. Will there be touch-ups?

Ask if the makeup artist will stay for a few hours to provide touch-ups if needed. This can prove to be valuable, and if it’s included in the cost, that’s even better.

5. Do you include other services such as eyebrow shaping and eyelash application?

Some makeup artists offer additional services of eyebrow carving and eyelash fixing. You need to confirm this. If possible, have them do it before your wedding to minimize redness or skin irritation. Ask if they can also provide eyelash extensions or the application of false individual lashes.

7 questions to ask before choosing your makeup artistes


6. Which brands do you use?

This is the question people never remember to ask. If your skin gets irritated easily, then you need to . safe. Many artists work with their own preferred brands and products within their makeup kit and that’s fine.  If you have some absolute personal favourites in your own makeup bag at home that you don’t want to be without on your wedding day. If so, simply ask if it’s possible to work with your own products if they don’t use the same brands.

7. Do you offer a trial makeup application?

Trial makeup gives you the opportunity to choose between that red lipstick and nude. It gives you the chance to test different colors and touches before settling for one.

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