s*x is supposed to be exciting, thrilling, tingling, orgasmic but not painful. Yet, there are some who experience discomfort during the act. Here are some reasons it may be happening.

1. You have UTI

Urinary Tract Infections can lead to uncomfortable and painful s*x. Consult a medical practitioner to get it treated. Drink lots of water too.

2. Not lubricated
Yes, v**ina is a self lubricator but if you are not wet enough, s*x will hurt. It may happen because you are not aroused or experiencing a dry spell.

3. Ingrown hai
A bad bikini wax can lead to unpleasant pimples that can hurt when there is friction. Give it time to heal.

4. Incorrect positions
Kama sutra shows you many s*x positions that are extremely complex. You don’t have to try them all. It can cause discomfort.

5, You are a new mommy

s*x after delivery may cause some sort of discomfort and doctors advise a time frame of few weeks to groove back into action.

6. You have sexually transmitted infections

If you have multiple s*x partners, you need to get yourself tested time and again. Know that you are prone to yeast infections and painful herpes.

7. You haven’t had s*x for a long time

The dry spell can make s*x a real struggle. You must know it’s normal for it to hurt after a s*x slump.


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