Men are more at chances of committing infidelity than women. Therefore, we at INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby pen down rules that all men should follow to have an affair-proof marriage.

These “Rules” are NOT motivated by a lack of trust in marriage; they’re motivated by a deep respect for your wife and for the sacredness of marriage.

1. Thou shall never meet alone with a woman other than thy wife

2. Whenever thou send a text message to a woman, thou shall copy thy wife

3. Thou shall share all your passwords with your wife

4. Thou shall not watch P0*n or sexually explicit content

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5. Thou shall give side hugs ONLY to other women

6. Thou shall not engage in ongoing dialogues with women on social media

7. Thou shall make time together with thy wife a priority

These laws may seem weird and difficult, but trust me…if you can keep them, you are sure to be a clean guy free from infidelity. And your marriage shall be divorced-proof! Trust us, a happy wife is a happy life.


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