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7 Signs She’s Just Trying to Get in Your Pants



So you’ve been seeing this woman who you think you could actually see a future with. You look forward to dates, you love what she has to say and you text each other constantly. The only problem? You get the feeling she’s not down for something serious.
Believe it or not, not all women are looking for a long-term commitment. Some just want some time off from doing all the work themselves—i.e. they just want to get laid. >’s how tell that she’s not in it for the long haul; she just wants to get down in the sack.

1. Conversations always turn s*xual.
You could be talking about her job, politics or what you had for dinner last night but, no matter what, the topic turns to s*x. Sure, that’s cool oftentimes, but at least some of the time you just need to vent or want to have deeper, more meaningful conversation. If she doesn’t, it’s probably because she doesn’t want a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

2. Dates are pizza at her place.
In other words, she doesn’t want to be seen with you in public. Hey, maybe she’s juggling multiple dudes at once and the other guys live in the neighborhood. Although it’s certainly cheaper for you, this could be a red flag.

3. She only makes plans with you at night.
This is one of the biggest signs that you’re just a go-to s*x-buddy. She’s too busy for you during the day, so she’ll only make an appearance when it’s late at night. We all make time for the things we want; so if she just wants s*x, she’ll find some time for that after she’s done with the things in her day that take priority over you.

4. She’s annoyed if you aren’t in the mood.
On the (rare) occasion that you can’t get it up—maybe it was a stressful day at work or you’re tired—she gets angry. Instead of wanting to comfort you or talk about what happened during your day, she only cares about the needs you’re not satisfying.

5. She won’t add you on social media.
If you sent her a request and she hasn’t accepted, she doesn’t want to be involved in your personal life at all. Quite frankly, she probably doesn’t care.

6. She doesn’t introduce you to her friends.
Although you may have expressed interest in meeting her squad, she comes up with an excuse every single time. This is a tell-tale sign that she’s not down for anything serious. If she was, she’d be having the girls dig into your whole life history and eager to meet you to see if you match up with their detective work.

7. You’ve never had the “talk.”
If you’ve never talked about the extent of your relationship or what exactly you two are, she could be avoiding the issue. And that’s probably because she doesn’t want to tell you that she’s only in it for the s*x

.: Mademen

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