Let’s face it, many things don’t work in Nigeria. Most of the time you are on your own, with no good emergency services in place to help you out in trouble.

Here are a few tips for every Nigerian woman, please be free to add more in the comment section.

First aid: You do know there is nothing like a first responder or 999 to call when there is a medical emergency right? It is highly important to know how to administer first aid, and also to know the dos and don’ts when dealing with an injured person. For instance, what should you do when someone is bleeding or is having a heart attack? Many of us don’t know! Many deaths could have been prevented if people around knew how to give a CPR or administer first aid before they got to the hospital.

Self Defence: From the senate floor, to offices, clubs and market places, a minor argument can turn into hot slaps and deadly blows in few minutes. Before you realise it, a seemingly charming man can turn into a defiler! Sometimes the only way to save your life will be in how fast you can punch your attacker’s groin, or in knowing where to hit him on the head so he can lose his grip and you can escape. Do you know how to turn the seemingly insignificant things in your bag into a weapon when your life is at stake? Important!

Driving: A man fell ill in the middle of the night. There were cars to take him to the hospital but his wife couldn’t drive, his sister who lives with them couldn’t drive too and their driver lives miles away! Whether you have a car or not, whether you have a driver or not, it is important to know how to drive a car. The difference between life and death sometimes can be in your ability to drive.

Swimming: We haven’t seen the end of the floods yet because proper precautions are still not in place. This means that one day someone will wake up to a chest- level flood in her living room. You should be able to at least stay afloat till someone can hear you screaming. It is also shocking to know that many women go so close to the water at the beach and pose for selfies at the tip of swimming pools without knowing how to swim! Dangerous!

Talk your way out of trouble: There is so much lawlessness, on the road, in the market and even in your neighbourhood you will encounter people who will try to take advantage of you. Sometimes knowing your rights and standing by it works. Sometimes all that works is to be able to come down to the level of whoever you are dealing with and resolve issues amicably. You need to be able to know the situation and the kind of people involved to know which approach to use. Don’t start stating your fundamental human rights to an agbero with a dagger in his hands, toss him the naira he asked for and flee!

Put out a fire: There are fire service stations , but they don’t always have the resources they need to put out a fire, and when they do, they may get caught in traffic or their truck may be too big to navigate your street. In other words they are not reliable. Knowing how to quench a fire as soon as it starts may save your live and your property. For instance do you know that a simple fire in the kitchen can be put out immediately using a fire blanket or portable extinguisher. Do you know that some fires require C02 extinguisher and not water extinguisher? Do you know the STOP, DROP and ROLL procedure for when the clothe on your body catches fire? These things are not so hard to buy or know, yet many of us don’t know or have them.

A smile, a wave of the hand and maybe a “good morning”: Don’t snub people around you that you see everyday – gate men, petty traders, and even neighbors, except they are a dangerous threat to your safety. People around don’t have to be your friend, but they don’t have to be your enemy too. A smile, a wave and an occasional “good morning” can do wonders. You just never know when you will need someone’s help to kill a snake on your couch, jump start your car battery or to even get you to a hospital.

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