The seven symptoms of impending heart attack in women as follows:

1. Extreme fatigue

In the days or even weeks before a heart attack, more than 70 percent of women experience debilitating flu-like exhaustion.

2. Pain

Sometimes it can be a crushing pain, but often for women, the pain is more like pressure or achiness — and it’s not always in the heart region. This pain can occur in the breastbone, upper back, shoulders, neck and jaw.

3. Profuse sweating

You can be completely drenched or just have your face be pale or ashen.

4. Nausea or dizziness

Prior to a heart attack, women often have indigestion or have to throw up. You may also feel as if you’re going to faint.

5. Breathlessness

Panting and the inability to carry on a conversation are heart attack signs.

6. Sleep issues

Trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night can happen in the weeks before a coronary.

7. Anxiety

If you experience a sense of impending doom or fear, it could be your body warning you.


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