STOMACH BLOATING  is the condition you put your stomach after consuming so much food, though, some underlying health condition also causes stomach bloating. You know after seeing a wonderful meal that is so tempting and irresistible, you sure want to have them all, after the wonderful meal you want to relax and move on to the rest of the day’s work. But then your pants feel tight, your stomach feels twice its normal size, stretched, puffy and uncomfortable. You are even experiencing pains, gas and belching. These are all possible signs of bloating and are common occurrence that can be fixed with changes to your eating habits. Below are some tips that will help you overcome this uncomfortable bloating issue:

  • Eating lots of fruits like watermelon and pineapple can help prevent bloating because of their high water content and sodium flushing potassium.
  • Sipping little but consistent amount of water can help prevent bloating, denying yourself water for hours and gulping all at once will shock your system and cause bloating.
  • Eat small portion of food frequently and not all food at once, you can eat healthy snacks to prevent the uncomfortable feeling.
  • Avoid chewing gums because chewing gum creates space for air in your stomach which causes bloating. Opt for a sugar-free pepper mint instead.
  • Caffeine helps in reducing puffiness in the stomach which reduces bloating.
  • Reduce the pressure of puffiness by walking round and circulate your body when experiencing bloating.
  • Cranberry juice is one of the best thing for bloating, it can help to reduce the uncomfortable feelings.


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