When a couple decides to marry, it is based on love for each other and generally a sense of delight in the other person’s personality traits. However, sometimes after the honeymoon phase is over, those personality traits don’t seem so delightful anymore. The following suggestions will help you work together with your spouse to create a more equal and loving partnership.

1. Make a commitment

Both you and your spouse must decide that you will try to work things out in your marriage and see it through. Change can be difficult, but if you are both willing to put in the time and effort and support each other through the process, you can be successful.

2. Be clear and specific

Be very specific and clear in your expectations. Make sure you pick things that actually can be changed and write down your ideas.

3. Be patient

Work on one thing at a time; your partner cannot change everything at once. Pick one behavior – preferably the behavior that is causing the most problems – to start with and work on it until it is changed before moving on to the next thing.

4. Develop outside interests

Do not depend on your partner for all of your needs. It is important to have some interests outside of your relationship. This will help you to balance your life and will encourage your spouse to do the same.

5. Rely on a support system

Surround yourself with friends, family members or an organized support group that you can turn to for encouragement and help. Make sure you have support when things get tough. Don’t try to deal with this alone.

6. Seek outside help if needed

This may be a problem that is beyond you and your spouse’s capabilities to solve on your own. If you aren’t making any progress, seek outside help from a marriage counselor. They can do wonders to help you understand the problem and provide you with the necessary tools to help you fix it.

7. Take time to enjoy each other

Remember why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place. Try to enjoy those qualities as much as possible. Spend time with each other without any distractions or responsibilities pressing on you. Go out and do something you both enjoy and make sure that you have fun together.


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