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7 Ways To Deal With Your Partner’s Trust Issues



Is your partner still checking your phone and going through your mail despite being in a steady relationship with you? Having a jealous partner is usually more serious than them being a little insecure when you’re around an attractive colleague. It also involves them doubting your every word, hampering your social life and creating tension between the two of you. You might not want to get out of the relationship because you feel your partner and you are otherwise perfect for each other, but how do you gain their trust? > are a few ways you can control your partner’s suspicions and make your relationship healthier

1. Have A Proper Conversation With Them About It


When your partner is constantly suspicious of you, it usually results in fights and explanations from your side. Instead, the next time your partner expresses their insecurity, sit down with them and try to understand the root cause of their issues. Find out why they’re jealous and where this worry stems from. Did they have a failed relationship in the past? Do they battle with insecurity issues within themselves? Having a proper understanding of their state of mind will help you be more empathetic to their situation. It will also help your partner realize why they’re acting that way and could motivate them to try and change.

2. Be Completely Open With Them


You might be tempted to hide certain things from your partner because of the way they reacted in the past, but this will only make things worse. If your partner comes to know that you didn’t tell them about certain things, they’re going to assume the worst and be even more suspicious of you the next time. Always let them know what you’re going to be doing and who you’re going to be with. If they express their displeasure about it, let them know they have nothing to worry about and that you’ll always keep them in the loop. When they understand you’d never hide things from them, they will be more inclined to take you at your word.

3. Make Them Feel More Confident


Most times, feelings of jealousy arise from insecurity or a sense of inadequacy. To help your partner overcome this, constantly tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Always find things about them to compliment and make them feel good about themselves. During fights (and if you have a jealous partner, there probably will be a lot of these), you tend to focus on their flaws. Instead, try to put a positive spin on it the next time an argument arises. Tell them everything about them that you love and how they have no reason to feel jealous of anyone.

4. Always Be Present For Your Partner


Whether actual or imagined, your partner might be insecure because they feel you’re never available when they need you. Try to minimize this feeling by letting them know that you’ll always be there for them. Being there for your partner requires more than just your physical presence, it requires you to be emotionally available as well. When they try to talk to you about their feelings, listen to them and respond to it. Don’t dismiss their sentiments as silly, tell them you understand what they’re going through and that you will always support them. Let your partner know that you will never be too busy for them and that they can always count on you.

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5. Set Clear Boundaries And Rules


Have a discussion with your partner where you get them to tell you exactly what makes them feel uncomfortable. Find out what areas the two of you can compromise on and which ones are absolutely important to them. If your partner is uncomfortable with you having late night calls with someone else, promise them you’ll cut back on those. If you feel they’re overreacting about you going to lunch with a mixed group of friends, explain your position to them and try to reach an agreement on it. Settling guidelines for your relationship will help both of you understand each other’s feelings better and will help you be more direct in the future.

6. Include Them In Your Friend Circle


Oftentimes, the reason for your partner’s jealousy could lie in the fear of the unknown. If they don’t know who your friends are and what your relationship with them is like, they could be prone to insecurities over it. Introduce your partner to all your friends and include them in your plans if you want to help them get over it. Once they see how platonic your interactions with them are, their jealousy levels are bound to drop or fade away entirely.

7. Don’t Let Them Control Your Life


Compromising too much with a jealous partner could mean you lose plenty of friends and give into most of their demands. Learn the difference between patience and submissiveness. Let your partner know that you’re willing to give them time to change their behavior, but that you will not let their insecurities dominate your life. In due course, if your partner’s issues have still not improved, don’t be afraid to take the decision to end your relationship. It might seem extremely difficult, but if your partner isn’t willing to let go of insecurities and is thereby hurting the relationship, it’s probably for the best. C’est la vie

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