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7 Ways To Rock Sweaters Like A True Style Star

 From New York to London, Toronto to Guatemala, the cold season is nearing full gear across the western hemisphere and depending on where you are, the temperatures may be dropping quickly. Cold weather is synonymous with sweater season and when you’re a Style Raven or an aspiring one, only the coolest sweater styles will do, especially in this Fall when style influencers are swinging their A-game.

What makes sweaters a winning trend right now is how well they flatter most figures, and how easy it is to style them. In addition, they come in a variety of styles and colors that there’s no way you can’t get in on the fun. Think dresses, vests, and of course, thigh-high boots that pair so perfectly with them. From cozy oversized designs to slouchy detailing and distressed looks, there are more than enough sweater styles to go around. Excitedly, high fashion brands are also serving some serious inspiration with the likes of Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga  displaying the trend in all its glory. Whether you wear a designer sweater or an everyday brand, you’ll be committing a fashion passé if you don’t style them correctly.

Luckily, there’re so many fun ways to style your sweater, and thanks to style influencers, there’s no shortage of style inspirations perfect for Fall.

Check out 7 ways to style your sweater like a pro for the Fall/Winter seasons…

#1. Button-down cardigan X pants

This pairing is perfect whether you decide to work it into a chic look or a casual win. In the aforementioned, wearing your button-down cardigan with form-fitting leather pants isn’t only chic but also sexy. You can opt for this look when you’re going for a casual launch date this Fall. It’s stylish enough to make a statement and chilled enough not to appear like you’re trying so hard.


#2. A sweater dress X knee-high boots

Sweater and boots are undoubtedly a classic season-appropriate pairing that works time and again. So how about we take it up a notch by styling with a sweater dress rather than a regular sweater? The result? A stunning display of style and edge.


#3. Turtleneck sweater X trench coat

Layering your outfit is always a great idea, especially this season. They not only help you stay warm for longer but also help you train your style creativity. By pairing multiple layers of outfit and accessories, you get to work with various hues, tones, and textures and the end result is always a hit. This season, pair your turtleneck sweater or dress with a trench coat for a layered look that’s absolutely stylish.


#4. Loose-fitting sweater X pants

There’s an easy-breezy aura of sensuality that hovers around loose-fitting outfits, sweaters included. The way they delicately cling to the frame, as though wanting to hold and daring to leave at the same time is sexy. Incorporate this aura into your Fall/Winter outfit options by pairing a loose-fitting sweater with pants.


#5. Sweater vest X classic white tee

Do you have too many white tees that you have no idea how to style? Well, put one to good use in this sweater style for Fall look. Throw a sweater vest over your tee and then finish off with your favorite ankle boots for a relaxed slay. While you can totally wear this all by itself, as the weather gets cooler, you’ll need to cover up some more. At this point, you can pair it with culottes, pants, or even a dress. It’s a hit every time.


#6. Sweater X skirt

By now, you’ll notice that there’s really no wrong way to do sweater styles as this outfit is super versatile. If you’re looking to incorporate more skirts into your Fall fashion, then do so with a sweater. Several fashion influencers attest to the overall win of this look as it cuts across chic, edge, and effortless so easily.


#7. Sweater X poncho

This is a sweater style that’s fit for a lady looking to make a tasteful style statement. Whether you’re catching a flight, having a business meeting, or granting an interview, this is a look to solidify you as a style star but isn’t too loud to be distracting. You can pair this with a skirt or pants and it would work just fine.

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