A Swiss court has refused to authorize the marriage between a 71-year old great-grandma and her 21-year old Tunisian fiancé.

The Vaud cantonal court, a civil registry office in west Switzerland, didn’t believe the pair were in love, and described their desired union as a ” emotional fraud”, ruling that the man, from Tunisia, simply wanted to gain a visa live in Switzerland.

Under Swiss law, couples wishing to marry must submit an application to the registry office in their place of residence which then decides whether the wedding can go ahead.

The law stipulates that a couple may not marry in order to circumvent laws on the admission and residence of foreign nationals.

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The unnamed woman, who said she met her 21-year-old boyfriend on the internet when he was just 18, however insisted she had found her true soul mate, after the pair met online and bonded over their love of rap music.

The Swiss pensioner speaking to national newspaper 20 Minutes, insists; “We both like rap and countryside walks. We have the same ideas.”

This is not the first time the great-grandma who is a retired secretary, has fallen for a younger man. In 1988, she was previously married to a man from Cameroon, 13 years her junior, but that union ended in divorce.

The woman took a five-day visit last year to Tunisia to visit her fiancé, who she had never previously met, along with his family, goat and sheep farmers.

The couple, undeterred by their 50-year age gap, lodged a marriage request with the Swiss ambassador in Tunisia at the end of her visit.

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The young man from Tunisia, who works in a shop, says the age difference is no problem. “I introduced her to my family, but not to my friends. My sister gave her a copy of the Quran,” I don’t want to have children – I love her, and I want to live with her,” he said.


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