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8 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Grandma



Grandmothers are universally known for their nurturing ways, great cooking skills and smelly perfume. But, we like to think of them as the original fashion icons in our lives. Think about it: Our grandmothers honed their beauty skills in an age where curling irons and BOTOX did not exist. They managed to look flawless without many of the tools and techniques we rely on today … that is talent. To honor these “pioneers of pretty” we call grandmothers, we compiled a list of the good ol’ fashioned beauty tips they’ve bestowed upon us over the years.
1. Get Some Sleep, Young Lady

Those “all-nighters” you’ve been pulling will just NOT do at all. Not only will you be cranky and unpleasant in the morning, but you’ll be causing some unnecessary bags under those eyes. Eight hours of sleep is the key to a perfectly pretty face.

2. Blue Eye Shadow Is Just Lovely, Dear

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