If you live in Nigeria, then you have most definitely met these 8 neighbors

1.The Generator fella

Even if fuel goes up to N2,000 per litre, this neighbor will still buy just so they could ruin your auditory sense with their ‘I better pass your neigbhour’ generator.

2.The ‘Gimme’ fellas

These ones can borrow anything. From your stove to your salt or spare change. Their requests never end

3.The ‘Greet me first’ group

These ones would wiz pass you like you’re just a Nollywood ghost and not bother to say ‘Hi’. To them, the responsibility of greeting is yours and yours alone.

4.The ‘Everyday is a party’ group

These ones can celebrate for Africa. Either they are marking a birthday or naming a child or celebrating an achievement, it has to be done the owambe way.

5.The competitors

These ones are very good at copying and competing. Buy an iPhone 5 this week, they quickly buy an iPhone 6, next week. Wear your Rolex to church today, they wear their Swatch the next day.

6.The Prayer warriors

The vibration from their prayer sessions is enough to make you deaf for a week. They pray like the world will soon end. The last thing you want is to have issues with these ones because they’ll not rest until God sends you to hell.

7.The ‘I’m outta your league’ group:

You all live in Agege but they act like they live in Lekki. They have it all. From the costliest cars to the most recent gadgets, they have them all and  you just go on to wonder they even bother to live among average Nigerians. Their best quality is to show off.

8.The ‘I like your palour’ group

These ones have to be the most annoying group. They abandon their flats completely and come to take control of yours. They take charge of what station you should watch and feed you with all the most solicited and unsolicited information.


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