Below, we’ll take a look at the top 8 types of women who fit the can’t-resist-em profile, and then we’ll dive into how you can learn from these women and employ their ever-so-coy tactics to snag the man of your dreams too.

8 Simply Irresistible Types of Women

1. The Cutesy Silly One

This girl has a high voice and a sweet demeanor. You can’t imagine her being upset or frustrated because she always seems so lively and happy. She wears cutsie clothes and seems much younger than she actually is. She might be a little naïve.

2. The Doesn’t-Know-She’s-Hot Bookworm
This girl lives in the library, and she loves to read and learn. These aren’t bad things, and it often makes her a little aloof to what people think about her—even the good stuff—which makes her even sexier.

3. The Fun Social Butterfly

Everyone knows this girl. She walks down the street and has to say hi to 10 people. She’s always going to parties and events, yet she seems to have your life together pretty well. How does she do it?

4. The Kind-Hearted Mother Figure

This woman always knows what to do. She randomly has her CPR license and can help you fill out any legal form. She’s very sweet and helpful, and even though she reminds guys of their 5th grade teacher, it’s in a good way that makes them attracted to her kindness.

5. The Straight Up Badass

The badass girl rides a motorcycle and wears leather. She never worries about anything because she’s not scared of anything. This is both intimidating and amazingly attractive to men.

6. The Free Spirit
She makes men feel good because she’s always giving out positive vibes. Her clothes and hair are long and flowing, making man wonder what’s underneath. She’s a hippie at heart and just wants free love.

7. The Fast-Talking Witty One

This girl makes guys’ heads spin. Think Katherine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell. She’s got the looks and the smarts, but what really gets to men is her fierceness and quick wit.

8. The Mysterious Sexpot

Webster’s dictionary defines Sexpot as: A conspicuously sexy woman. You already want to be her right? She pretty much has every guy’s number. But you don’t know anything about her. She’s every Bond girl, every silent femme fatale in every film noir. She’s gorgeous, and she walks on air.

How to Become Irresistible Yourself
If you’re looking to “improve your romance game,” it can be super difficult to know where to start. As you look at this list of sexy, confident, alluring women, you may be asking yourself which one to choose to emulate. But that’s not where you should look for help. Sure, these archetypes of women are attractive to men. But if you’re more like a silly fun girl and you’re trying to act like a sexpot, it’s just not gonna work for you. You need to first be yourself and then …

Take a little advice from each type of lady. In other words, if you feel confident about your body, look to the sexpot for some sexy clothing advice. If people have complimented you on being sweet and kind, maybe that’s the image that men find most attractive in you. If you’re naturally sociable, . up that part of you.

You’ve got to value what you’ve got and not try to be someone you’re not.
Once you have a hold on your own “type,” what now? Well, you have to know how to act on a day-to-day basis. In other words, if there’s a guy out there you’re into, how are you going to communicate with them with these new talents you’ve acquired. This is key. No matter what image you have or what type you are, you need to be able to communicate with your man and do it in a way that men find romantic and attractive.


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