85 Unique Gifts For Your Boyfriend


How many times you were in panic because you didn’t know what to buy for a gift? How many times you went to buy a gift for your boyfriend and didn’t know will he love it? The most common problem for all women – we don’t know what to buy!

Well, today is your lucky day!

We made a list of 85 gift ideas that your man will freaking love! Let’s start!


You can not go wrong with a belt, that’s for sure. Black, brown or beige? Well, it depends on your man’s taste (and yours too). Think a minute about his clothes, favourite colors and shirts – choose a color that will fit the best in his wardrobe. We suggest black color because it goes very well with every color.

2. Perfume

If perfume is your chosen gift, you will need to spend a little more time in shopping. Why? Well, there are many, many and many available perfumes and you will not know which one to choose. Should you choose one that you like? Yes! But think about his taste also, you don’t buy gift for yourself, right?

3. Shaving set

Shaving set it the type of gift that he needs and will always use it – sometimes every day. If you want to buy a gift which will remind him of you every day – shaving set is a perfect choice. You can buy a modern one or one that our grandfathers used to use.

4. Watch

Even if your men have already one watch (or few of them), he will be pleased to have another one. It’s just with women and shoes – if you already have one pair of heels, does it mean that you don’t need another one? I don’t think so.

5. Tie

Tie is always a good choice for a gift. They can be personalized and unique. If you are buying tie for a Christmas, you can find a funny ones with Santa Claus or reindeer – it will definitely put a smile on his face.

6. Sweater

If you know your man’s clothing size (every good girlfriend/wife should know it), you can buy a sweater. Most men don’t like shopping, if your men is also in group I-Hate-Shopping, he will be very happy with a new piece of clothes in his wardrobe.

7. Led Chess Set

Is there any better gift than a chess set? Yes, a led chess set! This cool set will be a great toy for every man who likes chess.

8. Wallet

Get your man a wallet! Guys like that stuff. You can’t go wrong with black or brown leather wallet. Don’t forget to put some money in it for good luck. By putting money in a wallet, you ensure that the wallet will never be empty of money.

9. Bathrobe

If you want to keep your man warm after a bath, bathrobe is perfect gift for cold nights! Bathrobe is something most men will never buy in a shop but if they got it as a gift, they will wear it – that’s for sure.

10. Bottle Opener

Your boyfriend is a beer lover? You don’t need to think too much – buy him a bottle opener! There are many brilliant models on the market in many various designs. You can also make a personalized one with your names or some funny quote. We are sure he will love it!

11. Sweet Box

Boys are also sweet lovers just as girls. Is he chocolate or gummy bear lover? Maybe both? Make your own personalized box with all his favorite sweets. Put some cute note, too!

12. Socks

Keep your man’s feet happy with some colorful stripes and designs. Treat him with some beautiful cosy slipper socks, silly novelty socks or cashmere socks. Choose a pair that fits his personality.

13. Underpants

Lots of men don’t buy themselves new underpants, choosing to wait until Christmas or their birthday to re-stock their underpants drawer. Get him a present that he will actually use.

14. Wind Up Toys

Wind-up toys are timeless. Choose his favorite cartoon, movie character or football player.

15. Rubik’s cube

This amazing cube is considered to be the world’s best-selling toy. If your boyfriend is engineer or geek, he will love it!

16. Scarf and Gloves

Scarf and gloves are must have winter and autumn accessories. Buy it in his favorite color or match it with his jacket or coat. Keep him warm in cold weather.

17. Flask

Give him a chance to transport his favorite drink in a flask. For even more personalized gift, you can engrave it with his name or special date. Flask is a gift for every occasion!

18. Book

Even if your boyfriend isn’t a ‘bookworm’, good book is always a nice gift. Science fiction, biographies and nonfiction books are always a good choice and interesting books to read.

19. Cologne

You cannot go wrong with cologne. Choose the fragrance you like the most and surprise the favorite guy in your life with a wonderfully smelling goodie.

20. Cuban Cigarettes

Even if your partner isn’t a smoker, Cuban Cigarettes are antique and memorable gift.

21. Funny Cup

Funny gift ideas are always a bingo! If he is a coffee or tea lover, he would be able to enjoy it on daily bases.

22. Funny T-shirt

Funny, graphic T-shirt is perfect gift for a funny and humorous guy. This shirt will definitely be his new favorite piece of clothes.

23. Foosball Game

Boys, boys, boys… they love football! Allow your man to become a foosball champion! He will love it, we guarantee it.

24. Golf Balls

You are in love with a golfer? Well, finding the right gift has never been easier. Golfers loves their golf balls. You even can make a personalized ones so he can feel special on a golf course.

25. Camera-lens Mug

Is it a real camera? No it isn’t. It looks like one but keeps your tea and coffee hot.

26. Laguiole Tool

This pocket-knife can really be handy, especially for someone who spends a lot of time in nature. It’s always good to have something like that near you, right? Ditto, boys love knifes.

27. Hat

Fedora, Baseball Cap or Golf cap – everyone needs one. Get him one in his favorite color and he will like it!

28. Flash Drive – USB

USB is a perfect geek gift. There are some really cool and unique designs – keys, cartoon characters, gold bar, car, lego brick or USB that’s also a bottle opener! To make it more special, you can add your favorite songs on it, your couple pictures or a love note.

29. Piggy Bank

No one can’t be too old for a piggy bank, right? Encourage him to start save money… for you wedding maybe?

30. Shoe Brush

This can be pretty odd gift but if your man wears leather shoes, he needs a brush to clean them.. that’s for sure!

31. Pajamas

Pajama is a classic. Choose comfort fabric and simple design. He will be able to sleep in style and comfort.

32. Resistance Bands

Help your man to build those muscles! He can use this workout tool anytime, anywhere! Even if he isn’t sporty guy, he will enjoy it.

33. Skip Rope

If he needs to burn some calories down – help him with a skip rope. It’s portable and cheap.

34. Slippers

During the chilly months, slippers are one of the best gifts you can give.

35. Mini Air Hockey

Fantastic and funny game for two! Great way to have some real fun.

36. Digital Photo Frame

Framed photo sounds too cheesy and boring? You should consider digital photo frame then! It’s a gadget but also a reminder of some sweet memories.

37. Pro shaver

Every man needs a good shaver. Unlike women, men need to shave more regularly. Because of that, it’s important to have a sharp and good shaver. If you partner doesn’t have one – you just found a perfect gift for him!

38. Bottle of wine/champagne/beer

You can impress him with your choice without breaking the bank.

39. Kama Sutra Book

This is a gift you both can enjoy! It’s time to explore the height of erotic and sensual pleasure. Spice it up a little!

40. DVD Movie

Who doesn’t like movies? We all do! Choose his favorite movie or a TV serie and he will be thrilled! You can watch together whenever you want.

41. Music CD

CDs are slowly getting forgotten. All our music is usually on computer, . or USB… But it’s always nice to have an original music CD of your favorite singer or music band, right? If you have your own ‘couple’ song, music CD with it could be an extra sweet gift. Don’t forget to include a cute note, too.

42. Notebook

Whether he is writing a poem (about you, hopefully) or to-do lists, notebook is sure to come in handy.

43. Playing Cards

You don’t need to be a gambler to love cards! You can buy personalized cards and make them more special.

44. Poker set

If you are searching for a fun-filled game, we have a suggestion – poker. Without doubt, poker is one of the guys favorite games.

45. Mug

‘Best boyfriend ever’ mug? Lovely! He will start his morning with a big smile.

46. Action Figure

Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman – the most revered and recognized characters of all time. He will be glad to put one of these action figures on his shelf.

47. Zippo Lighter

Your boyfriend is a smoker and he never has his own lighter? Familiar? Zippo lighter is perfect gift for your favorite smoker.

48. Headphones

Headphones – a perfect break from the outside world. Your boyfriend will appreciate it. We all need some ‘alone’ time, right?

49. Ashtray

We put lighter on our list so we can’t forget about ashtray. Those things are a must have for every smoker.

50. Paracord Bracelet

This bracelet isn’t only fashion bracelet, it can save your boyfriend’s life!

51. Gaming mouse

Guys tend to be picky when it comes to their computer… pick wisely or skip this number!

52. Six Pack Carrier

No more packaging beers in plastic grocery bags or backpack. With this six pack carrier, your boyfriend will be able to transfer his beers in style.

53. Hot Sauce

He like it hot, hot, hot? Make your hot sauce lover happy!

54. Whiskey Glasses

A drop of whiskey isn’t the same if you don’t include whiskey glasses.

55. Flash Memory Card

Data needs to be stored somewhere. Memory card has become one of those things without which we can not live.

56. Beer Glasses

Your partner prefers beer from whiskey? No problem! Beer will become even more tasty.

57. Personalized keychain

Keys make the day run smoothly. By having them engraved, you turn a popular gift into a precious item.

58. iPad Case

An iPad case is extremely important for protecting his valuable device from scratches and falls. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy boring, plain cover. You can customize it with your pictures or something that he really likes. iPad case will become a treasured gift.

59. Domino Set

A fun and posh gift that’ll be appreciated for years to come.

60. Popcorn maker

Who doesn’t like popcorns? We all do! Especially when we sit down to watch a movie. Enjoying and making this yummy treat at home is easier with popcorn maker.

61. Remote Control Container

With this remote control container, your boyfriend will never have to ask again: Where’s the remote? No more searching for lost remotes!

62. Pocket Watch

Pocket watch is classic gift with timeless style.

63. Cigar Tube

Cigar tube will make the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life.

64. Pen Set

With his own pen set, your boyfriend will be able to create beautiful written masterpieces. We all need a fine pen set in our daily life.

65. Gift Basket

Help him enjoy the things he loves with big gift basket. Fill it with his favorite sweets, foods or drinks. This gift basket will become his favorite hobby.

66. Gift Cards

If you don’t want to worry about choosing something he doesn’t like or already has, gift card is always a right solution. Pick a gift card for a brand he loves, and he can spend them on something he really likes.

67. T-shirt Folder

You boyfriend isn’t good at folding his T-shirts? His T-shirts are always crumpled? Make his life easier with this T-shirt folder. His mom will be grateful.

68. Beer making kit

So he’s a beer drinking kind of guy? Shocking. It’s time he starts some homebrewing.

69. Hoodie

Keep him warm with stylish and comfy hoodie.

70. Golf Glove

For a smooth swing, your man needs a golf glove. Help him to lighten and relax grip.

71. Wine aerator

Wine aerator is the perfect gift for a red wine drinker.

72. Meat Brander

His grilled meats will be a hit at his next BBQ. Meat brander is a great gift for your favorite grill master.

73. Binoculars

If your man loves outdoor activities, he needs this timeless gadget.

74. Beer Boot Mug

With this beer boot mug, he will start drinking beer like a man!

75. Football Jersey

Men like the player’s jersey, especially with the ‘big’ name guys.

76. Sport bag

Training bag, backpack or sackpack are essentials for every fit guy. With it, he will able to workout in style.

77. Kitchen Apron

Your boyfriend showed interest for cooking? Even if he didn’t, apron is funny gift and can cause a lot of laughs.

78. Laptop Case

While men invest in the latest laptop, you can gift them a laptop case to carry his favorite toy with both safety and style.

79. Lap Desk

You’re dating a tech lover? Then you know how much his laptop means to him. With lap desk, he will be able to surf from the bed and sofa. Lap desk makes surfing more comfortable and protects his laptop from overheating.

80. Romantic Dinner

Love goes through the stomach? See it for yourself. Take him out for a dinner in his favorite restaurant or make a delicious, romantic dinner at home.

81. Movie/Sport/Concert Tickets

Surprise your partner with tickets to his favorite sport game, concert or a movie. You bought can enjoy in this present and spend some time alone.

82. Auto Accessories

Hunting for a gift and your boyfriend is a car-lover? We have you covered. These items every car owner should have in his car: box of wrenches, camera, iPod cable, floor mats, drink cup mount and car vacuum.

83. Annual Subscription to his favourite magazine

Annual subscription to his favorite magazine makes the perfect present.

84. Alarm Clock

Your boyfriend needs a bit of help waking up? No problem! Choose flying, annoying or spinning alarm clock that will wake him up in a second! He might be mad at you in the morning but grateful when he isn’t late for a work.

85. PC or PlayStation Game

If your boyfriend is a gamer, you might think of gifting him a new PC or PlayStation game. Hot new title or retro game? Doesn’t matter. He will be pleasantly surprised.

Who said gifts for men are hard to find? With our top list of presents for your boyfriend, choosing and buying the perfect gift was never easier. You’re welcome!


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