Miscarriage is a traumatic experience for both the prospective mom and dad. But this sad event is rather common. Did you know that nearly half of all conceptions end in a miscarriage? Well, this shocking fact is rather true. And, we’ve collected some more must-know facts about miscarriage here.

1. How common are miscarriages?

Miscarriages are rather common. But, as your pregnancy progresses, the risk of miscarriage also goes down, from 15-20% at two weeks to 0.7% at ten weeks.

2. If it happens once, can it happen again?

If you’ve had a miscarriage earlier, there is one out of four chances that you may have another miscarriage. And, this risk can further increase to four out of 10, if you’ve had three consecutive miscarriages.

3. Can age increase chances of miscarriage?

It is said that the older you are, the higher your chances of miscarrying. Science backs this notion. As you cross 35, you are at a higher risk of miscarrying (20-35%) than when you become pregnant before 35 (15%). In fact, women above 45 have a 50% chance of miscarrying.

4. Is morning sickness linked to miscarriage?

While doctors typically maintain that there is no viable link between the occurrence of morning sickness and a lowered risk of miscarriage, statistics say that women who experience morning sickness are at a lower risk of miscarrying.

5. Can having s*x lead to miscarriage?

Well, this one has done the rounds for quite a while. But, there is little truth to this claim. When you have s*x, the man-hood only penetrates the v**ina, and never reaches the cervix, where the baby is protected. But, in case you are apprehensive, just follow your OB/GYN’s advice.

6. Can obesity cause miscarriage?

Research indicates that women who are on the heavier side are at a high chance of miscarrying. If you have a pre-pregnancy BMI of 35, then you could miscarry, not to mention several problems that you would face.

7. Can high-impact exercises trigger miscarriage?

Well, most certainly. Ensure that you don’t exert too much stress on your body when you’re pregnant. Consider performing yoga and aerobics to keep in shape while you are expecting.

8. Can contraceptive pills lead to a miscarriage?

Well, this one’s still debated. But, it shouldn’t be. There is no evidence that says that a birth control pill can lead to miscarriage once you become pregnant. It goes without saying, you need to stop taking the pills when you know you’re expecting.

9. Hair color and miscarriage:

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, how are these aspects .?” It’s rather straightforward actually. Many people believe that the chemicals in hair color are absorbed through the skin and can harm the fetus, possibly leading to a miscarriage. But this is usually after the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is low.

So, arm yourself with the right knowledge and point your friends in the right direction with these must-know facts about miscarriage.


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