I’m amazed at the rate at which divorce happen nowadays. People fall in love, date for a while and then get married, only for the marriage to crash like a pack of cards.

It lends one to think about why people who were seemed so in love suddenly decide they will be better off apart. I got talking to a number of married people and I was able to extract these information from them. I decided to share them with you – our darling INFORMATION NIGERIA readers.

1. The best marriage is where God is in the center, and fear of God on the part of both parties would go a lot in making the marriage successful.

2. A man should never support others or his family, against his wife in the public, you could correct her privately, but never make her feel less of your wife in d presence of anyone.

3. A man that has got his wife’s back is a good man anytime, anyday.

4. cheating destroys happiness and trust. A spouse you cheat on carries the pain in their heart almost through their lifetime

5. The percentage of women depressed is more in the psychiatric hospital and the reason for this depression is associated with their spouses, the men.

6. If their is issue in your home, deal with it. Seeking solace in other people gives u happiness at that point, but makes the distance between your spouse and you wider and brings in more negativity

7. Ensure you know your partner to a great percentage before getting married to them. It goes a long way in helping you manage the first few years of marriage

8. No matter how much you satisfy a man in bed, a man that would cheat would cheat…. only ensure you . your part

9. Women are saddled with a lot of responsibility ranging from taking care of the man, taking care of the children, the home, working and still pleasing her man in bed.

Dear InformationNigeria fans, would you like to share your experience concerning marriage, drop in the comment box.