9 Tips for a happy long distance relationship. Long distance relationships and 9 tips to make it work! If you’re in a long distance relationship or even considered it, it can definitely be a challenge. In this video I share 9 tips that will definitely help you to make that long distance relationship not only work, but last. I hope you enjoy my advice style videos, if you do please make sure to give it a like at the end so I know to do more in the near future 🙂 Thanks for watching!

“Why Am I Single?” Advice for singles struggling to meet “the one” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYTXnSSLMl4

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  1. I'm in a long distance relationship
    But he's always busy with his job and I feel he doesn't have time for or care either.
    How do I get through it since I love him and he says he loves me too?

  2. Equal doesn't work. She's speaking from an idealistic lady perspective. Trust me. Women like and love you more when they chase you. Now, if they point out that you aren't contacting them, randomly do that a few times

  3. Thanks for this video! I’m in a long distance relationship. I’m here in the states and him in Jordan. We met in person in June and started out as friends as we met online and it blossomed. We fell head over heels for each-other in person and just wanna be together! We can’t wait to see eachother again in December and spend hopefully 2 full weeks together this time. We follow everything u speak about and it’s been great. The communication things is so key and something I have nvr had in my past relationships. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm 15 and he's 16 and he came to my school as an exchange student for 4 months. He's from Seattle and he came to France. He asked me on a date, we started talking and we eventually started dating, keeping in mind that we would break up when he leaves. Let's say that that didn't exactly work out 😅. We decided to try a long distance relationship, knowing that he would come back two months later and that he will do his studies in Europe in 2 years. The thing is that I didn't know how hard it would with the time zones (he's 9 hours earlier) so when I wake up, he goes to sleep, and when he wakes up, it's the afternoon for me. We were used to texting all day so it's quite a bit of a change. And as he went back to Seattle after 4 months he obviously has to catch up with friends so he's kinda busy. So yeah 😂. I never thought that my first relationship would be a long distance one… Thank you for all the tips though, it gives hope 😊

  5. Me and a guy are trying a long distance relationship because he's a apprentice boil maker in Adelaide and I'm a Uni student and a waitress in qld and we have known each other over 12 months now and we met for the first time this year and got to know one another more and now we are seeing if we can do long distance and your tips have encouraged me and have helped so thankyou very much 🙂

  6. Awww thank you for this video❤️ my bf and I are easing into the LDR slowly at the moment, as in starting from 1week apart from each other, then 2 weeks, and at the moment we’ll be apart for a month. Comparing the two of us, I am more attached to him than he is to me. It started out really hard like I miss him every day and cry a lot. But now I am getting use to it:) and I agree that getting yourself busy is the best option to forget about your bf😂 (in a good way), time will go by quickly and easily. Good communication between the two of us is also essential to keep it going.

    We are trying this out because in the future there is a high possibility that we will be apart for a year every year as he returns home (Hong Kong) after graduating from university(UK). Whilst I want to work in the UK.

  7. Very hard when money is tight. We began as Facebook friends and it evolved. 8,000 miles apart, 17 months. Strong connection and love. We talk way too long sometimes, then hardly at all for a week. His data is limited, wifi weak. Thank you. 🌸💗

  8. Thank..you. Soo much! Good info..ive been having long distance relationship..im in CA/ hes in..nigeria…ive..been..seporated. For over two yrs. I need to be devorced..before we meet!!..he is 18yrs..youger than me..i..have been abstanance..sence seporating..we are soon..attached With. Eachother..its been a year

  9. Thank you for sharing this video. I'm in a long distance relationship and it has not been easy at all. We've been dating for 7 months now and I get very frustrated at times. I love him to death but sometimes I feel like ending the relationship just because I feel like I put all the effort. I know his work is stressful but that's not healthy for me 😭😭

  10. Thank you for this! My boyfriend an I have been together for a year and a half and been friends for 9 years. I do plan to eventually move closer to him once I’m done with college. Or when he gets reassigned to another base.

  11. LDR fighters bcs you really fight for them and both partners HAVE to pay extra effort or it'll fall apart..

    PS: I know it'll sound weird, but damn I feel like I'm looking at a mirror and this is a msg from future ME! I didn't know I could find someone who looks like Me to that degree I'm shook hahaha xD

  12. Hi @MissCharmie

    You mentioned you were from Canada and I'm too from Canada. Would you be able to shed light on what was involved in moving to the States? There's a young woman who lives in the States, and she doesn't want to move, so if the relationship progresses, I'd move to the States. Thank you in advance for your assistance and time.

  13. I'm in a distance relationship as well I miss my guy alot we been in love just almost two months till now and I really miss him alot and like u said I'm not sure whether he love me or not but I'm honest with him and he doesn't talk so much with me and I know that he had been busy with college and works he do I'm the one who is waiting for him to reply me and I need some suggestions if u can . 😊

  14. I'm in America in a relationship with a girl in the Philippines and it seems we started from the beginning doing everything right. Practically everything you've mentioned, we have been doing. I'm retiring in 18 months and will be joining her. What a ride it's been so far! I was in a couple LD relationships prior to this one, she's never been in one, but it seems to be working. The important thing is we have a set timetable when we will be together. That's extremely important!

  15. My beloved is from Qatar and we've been together for four months already. But, I'm afraid this won't go anywhere. He said, he doesn't have plans for us. He's my first boyfriend and I hope he'll be my husband, too. But I feel it's not gonna happen. Should I just forget about him? I'm not really sure. I don't want to get hurt and regret in the end. Maybe someone can give an advice. Will appreciate it. Thanks

  16. I'm in a LDR for 3 months now and it's going amazing so far 🙂 Got some future plans, like she visiting me in October and me visiting her om Christmas. After my study finishes I will look for a job there 🙂 I'm from The Netherlands and she's from Indonesia

  17. This was published on my 19th birthday, guess it was meant for me to watch, I’m in a LDS currently and overall I think we’re doing pretty good, I mean 8 out of these 9 definitely check out in my relationship. The only thing is we don’t have a set schedule of when we get to talk, he spends almost all day everyday with his friends and so that alone makes it even more difficult to find time to call me. I’ve addressed it once but I don’t want to continue addressing the same issue. I’m going to go see him next week, and so my question is should I bring it up to him then and really make it a point that I’d like for us to be able to talk more often on FaceTime or by phone call. He says he personally doesn’t need to talk everyday on the phone with me but that he knows I need that and said he’d work on it, but I personally haven’t seen a difference and honestly it’s very discouraging sometimes. I don’t want this one thing to ruin my relationship but this one thing is also so important & it does kind of hurt my feelings that he says he doesn’t need to talk to me everyday. What should I do?

  18. I’ve seen a few videos and relationship coaches talk about LDRs and it is always said that there is a quality to them that makes them even more solid. I love how you weaved in your personal experience, I could literally feel how good the LDR is that I’m in right now! I know when we see each other in person again it is going to feel that incredible. Yes, communication is all we have and it is nourishing communication where we are bonding by really experiencing getting to know each other. Thankyou for sharing your experiences, it was really encouraging and empowering to hear ♥️

  19. Hi love, good evening my love, kumusta na ang mahal ko? Love sorry kanina hinde ako nakapag paalam ng maayos late na kc ako love, nakatulog ako kanina love nagising ako 2:45pm na kaya nag mamadali ako mahal ko, nakahabol pa naman ako sa bundy clock last 2 minutes love, l love you so much mahal ko!

  20. To thine own self be true!! Being secure within self and loving self helps. We are only 3months in, he is willing to move(Canada), I’m not(Hawaii). He is older than me but we are friends first and your so right about the depth of conversations. The richness of sharing your life with someone is not limited to geography. I wasn’t sure about being married ever again but thought to have and to hold him for the rest of my life is beginning to soften my heart. We are taking our relationship one visit at a time and sharing our trials and frustrations with one another as they arise. This love is undeniable, irreplaceable and genuinely Divinely timed for the both of us.

  21. Girl, starting at number SIX and ESPECIALLY when you hit number SEVEN, you were speaking some REAL truth that I really, REALLY wish I'd had access to before I decided to do exactly what you advised against and started to send him CRAZY messages…. 😑 I know he loves me and he'll hopefully see where I'm coming from, soooo in the light of day I'm just hoping the reality of our situation is as crystal clear to him as it is to me! Thanks…

  22. Bruh this video was so helpful. I've been in a long distance relationship for three months. Of course we dated for three weeks bc, of my family. But, still stayed in contact as friends and we are being a little more than friends until he turns 18. I'm 19 but, my family were saying I could get into trouble we I'm dating him bc he's a minor. However, I looked it up and it's llegal to date a minor as long a there's no sexual activity involved. Obviously, this won't happen until he turns 18 and we get married. However, that's another story. Me and my soul mate are getting through it and we are learning to grow with each other and trust each other. Everytime about our relationship has changed for the better. I'm so excited for the future.

  23. Been watching lot of longdistance videos and you encouraged me so much thank you.
    I'm a gay and in a enough serious relationship for a 1 time. We live on a 41 km distance and working in 2 different towns, both dont have a car but still travel with bus to one anothers place.
    Currently this month we have to work hard so we could pay our bils as 23 n 24 years guys, But i still live with a small fear about what if… even if we see eachother everynight on camera and 1 or 2 on cellphone. I Thinking i might need still a bit of help.

  24. Im currently in a LDR which was unexpected and not sought after. My father passed on 5/18/18. While closing his estate and making contact with those that did not know. I contacted one of my fathers close friends in July. Had a long conversation the first time. Neither one of us thought anything about it. The calls became more often and then NOT even about my father. There was a lot in common between us. We became friends. Then u started to admit my feelings not sure of his. He is 63 a truck driver I'm 45. From Tx me Cali. Those are some long drives with a lot of phone time. I'm ready to settle down….only time will tell. But he has my attention. Whatever we have we need time to figure it out before introducing to family. The age gap and distance will be the first thing attacked. His kids are much older and mine are young adults under age of 23. It is just about "us" the effort is real because any argument can be handled with hanging up and never returning that call. You have to want to make it work.

  25. Hey, [insert name here]. (sorry, don't know your name, just discovered your channel. 🙂 )

    I am in a LDR right now and have been for the last 6 months. I'm from Portugal and she's from the Philippines.
    I honestly started out just curious of where this was going to go. But I've grown very fond of her. And I can't wait to see her. I've already set a date for the end of January. 🙂
    Though, we're going through a rough phase. She's going through an identity crisis, as it seems. I just hope all of this turns out ok as I've come to really like her and I can't really see my life without her anymore.
    Also, she has a sweet 8 y/o. When she first told me I panicked. But soon after I've come to peace with it and even got excited by the idea. I have never really thought about the idea of having kids. But with her for some reason it feels right. I can't really explain.

    And the funny thing about all of this is that, as someone has pointed out before, I didn't understand how people could be in a long distance relationship. I mean, a relationship without the physical part couldn't really be a relationship, right? Wrong. Since then I've come to know how wrong I am.

    And I'm open to moving to another country. And so is she. Let's see where this is leading. 🙂

  26. My long distance love is coming in two weeks, we have never met face to face but have been talking by text, e mail and phone since June. I am terrified and anxious
    even though he keeps reassuring me. He would like to retire, get married and travel. Is that not premature? He lives one hour away from me here once he is done with his work assignment in Dubai I feel that communicating with a person without you having seen them yet but feel like you have known him all your life. The months you have been apart is so much stronger than if he was here and we had dated like once a week. I feel I know him so much better

  27. This is actually hilarious to me. I used to be one of those haters like, how can you have a relationship without the physical aspect? A few months earlier I was just thinking how anyone could do that, why they would do that… But now, I am in a long distance relationship myself and would not trade it for anyone near me. We have something special. Thank you for giving me tips to make this work!!

  28. Thank you for the positive vibes!!!! I’m in a long distance relationship with the most amazing girl of this world, and I have to fight every day with so many haters!
    Thank you, really!

  29. I needed to hear this because I’m currently in a long distance relationship for the first time and realizing it is very difficult. I’ve been with my partner for a little over a year and I’m very frustrated on the time that we don’t spend with each other. I care for her very much and just have to really remind myself that it will be all worth it when we can be in the same place.

  30. Thanks for the video I'm currently in a long-distance relationship we've been together for about 3 years after talking to him online and video chatting for two years I went out to meet him he lives in Egypt and I live in the United States I have now since been to Egypt twice and I'm hoping to go a third time to visit my now-husband in Egypt while we work through the process of getting him a Visa so he could come to the u.s. but yes long-distance relationships are hard work but they're worth the effort


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