A 1.3 million-follower TikTok star was devastated after arranging a meet and greet event but having nobody show up (video) – Lifestyle News

After arranging a meet and greet event but having no one show up, a Nigerian TikTok star living in Los Angeles, California, was devastated.

Over 1.3 million people follow the young woman known online as @Grace Africa on Tiktok, where she shares humorous videos.

She made the decision to host a meet and greet event so that she could get to know some of her fans, but alas, no one felt it appropriate enough to attend.

In an internet video, she can be seen waiting at the event and bringing waist beads for her female followers as mementos, but alas no one stopped by her b0oth.

After the “failed” meet-and-greet, Grace, who was on the verge of tears, released another video of her phone call with her mother.

Check out the videos below.