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Let’s settle this once and for all: which do you attach more importance to, your wedding reception, or your honeymoon?

Ok, so it may be easy to say both are just as necessary or as important as the other; but this is not a time to straddle the fence. It’s time to pick a side.

If you had to pick one, would you pick a huge reception with all the frills and massive fun wedding parties are known for, or would you rather spend the money on a romantic, fun-filled, adventure-filled honeymoon with your new spouse?

A case for big wedding receptions

Having a big wedding reception is a delightful, cool thing because of the stories and memories you create with friends and family watching on. The dance, the unbridled joy, the games, all your friends coming through with all the peng outfits and all shades of gorgeousness that make for great photos and clips. Actually all this make up package that is difficult to say no to for many couples.

The downside, however, is that at many weddings, couples have been known to complain of having guests they don’t even care about, guests that don’t care about them or just too many people they don’t even know. This in essence means that they might be spending money [they hardly have] to please people they don’t know.

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A case for fantastic honeymoons

The intimacy and super-privacy of a honeymoon it is the major distinguishing factor between it and a huge wedding reception.

OAP, IK Osakioduwa made his views on this issue known when he posted an Instagram clip on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

According to him, it is a time to bond with your spouse away from the madness and distractions from your usual environment.

“Hey Peeps, some random #CoupleStuff. I think it’s important for people to start paying more attention to planning for a honeymoon. It’s soooooo important. You may not get the time for trips with your spouse for a while. Kids could show up at any time (even when you’re trying to wait). I’d say it’s even more important than having a HUGE wedding reception,” he captioned the video.

The great thing about honeymoons in general, as the man rightly said is that they are used as a bonding tool for new couples. So what a great, well-planned, well-funded honeymoon affords a couple is the opportunity to get really intimate in nice environments, with adventurous activities, and fun events.

Opinion poll

A big reception or a lit honeymoon; if you had to pick one of these two, which would it be?

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