This is supposed to be a real life story and the person who shared it on . swear it’s true. According to ., a some members of a Chinese family living in Toronto were in room watching as the family’s teen son lost his virginity. And they claim it’s a family tradition that has been passed down through generations. The intimate moment was captured by the boy’s uncle who explained;

“While most people may consider it odd, for our family there is nothing more proud than celebrating a son, brother or nephew having se x for the first time. We see it as the last step on the long journey to adulthood, and it’s also a special chance to witness the moment that a new life is formed. I snapped the photo right at the moment before he came, and it was truly a beautiful scene.”

The teen purported said
“I felt less nervous having my family there to accompany me, and also give me guidance on how to proceed. At first I had trouble entering my girlfriend, but my mother suggested I take things more slowly and relax, and I was able to eventually slip it in.”


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