A Film Is Not Successful Just Because A Certain Actor Starred In It, Ireti Doyle Educates Filmmakers

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Popular Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle has taken to Twitter to educate filmmakers on certain elements to note and consider when producing or making a movie.

Ireti Doyle

The renowned actress wrote that the fact that a known actor features in a movie does not mean that the movie is successful.

She also advised filmmakers on hiring producers and directors who truly know the job and what to do.

“You know, you can actually pay a competent producer & director to execute your project and still retain bragging rights.

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“If you insist on ‘calling the shots’ literally and figuratively, respect yourself and the people you work with enough to learn the rudiments of the craft at the very least.

“A film is not successful just because ‘a certain actor’ starred in it… Producing is a whole lot more than hiring hands and equipment and directing is way more than calling ‘action’ & screaming ‘cut’!”

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