A Moment Nigerian guy sobbed after giving his mother a brand-new Lexus as a birthday present (VIDEO) – Lifestyle News

Many people on social media have been moved to tears by a touching video showing the moment a Nigerian man surprised his mother with a brand-new automobile.

Netizens have been moved to tears by the video’s emotions and how beautiful the event was.

The video that is now making rounds begins with a pretty woman thanking God after receiving a gift box. The remainder of the video shows her opening the gift box and taking out the contents, which at first appeared to be Naira notes before her hands came into contact with something that was tougher than the notes of currency.

The woman gasped in shock when she saw the car key and realized that a new car had been purchased for her. She then left the room she was in and went to where her brand-new whip was.

Her adorable son was patiently waiting for her to surprise her inside the car. When he saw her coming, he got out of the car and is seen struggling to control his tears as his mother came up to give him an embrace.

He hugged his mother back, but he was unable to control his tears as he did so. Then, as they both cherished the tender moment, she wiped his tears away.

watch the video below…