Se x is everywhere. It permeates television shows, the Internet, and magazines. Even children’s movies often have thinly veiled sexual overtones.

Today, society’s carefree thinking on se x out of wedlock is simply, “Why not?” Believing that “most are doing it anyway,”  Most people say we’re in the 21st century and that’s now legal, but 99% of things that are legal are not right.  Is this a bad thing? Most say no.

To support this position, some cite the well- documentedhealth benefits of being sexually active.  some even say “”does se x belong only inside a marriage relationship””? What is wrong with reaping all the physical benefits of se x outside of wedlock so long as one is “smart” about it?  hmmmm but I tell u, there are dangers for the sexuallyactive person: transmission of diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and potential emotional scarring from a promiscuous lifestyle of multiple partners.

see our generation where teenage pregnancies are rampant. you meet young people “where they are” and talk openly about se x. Educators hope to arm teens with enough information to dispel the mystery of se x so they can “decide when they are ready” to lose their vir ginity.

“One of the things young people say a lot is that the se x education they get is virtually meaningless, it’s too biological and doesn’t relate to how they are feeling.  Essentially, parents have concluded they are no longer able to stop children from having se x. The best they can hope to do is teach them about it.  sexually transmitted diseases have reached an unprecedented level.  Even the “safest” se x can result in unintended pregnancies This can lead to the tragic decision to end the unborn child’s life through abortion, something a woman will carry for the rest of her life.

If the couple decides to go ahead with the pregnancy, children of unmarried parents are often susceptible to a host of physical and emotional problems.  children born to women who did not intend to get pregnant have been found to have lower birthweight, poorer mental and physical health, lower educational attainment, and more behavioralproblems than do children whose births were intended.”

Men and women who are products of broken homes often have children out of wedlock as well, which leads to a vicious, multigenerational cycle of unhappiness.  Couples who wait enjoy significantly more benefits than those who had se x earlier..  A healthy, happy marital relationship produces similar relationships in the lives of children who come from them. In short, happy couples produce happy children.  It is a parent’s job to proactively teach about se x.

Yet parents have to compete with what their children learn from this world’s “sexperts”—the hyper sexualized media, permissive sexual education at school, misguided how-to websites—as well as their peers.  While these sources may supply some correct information about purely physical aspects, the majority of what they teach includes much error. Add to this the pull on young people to learn by their own experiences, which can be painful.  Because of these factors, many parents, who do not truly understand the purpose of se x, are perfectly happy to outsource the difficult job.

On the other hand, well-meaning parents who seek to discourage premarital se x might simply say: “Because I said so!” or even, “Because God said it’s a sin!” Others, feeling it is inevitable that their child will have sex, may hand their son or daughter a condom and tell them to “be safe.”

In both scenarios, parents merely pass along what they feel is right or what others have told them—without ever proving the truth for themselves. By comiting to premarital se x you risk…..

1. The risk of disobeying God and letting Satan get a foothold The Bible, time after time tells us to flee sexual sins. Why? Because it is a major strategy of the devil to sabotage God’s work on Earth.

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2. The risk of shame Premarital se x imputes a spiritual state of shame that becomes a major weapon of Satan. God forgives you, but you will still face the fruit of the sin and you’ll still be vulnerable to Satan’s whispering accusations on your worth as a person and your value as an active individual.

3. The risk of sexual dysfunction People spend millions of dollars to correct sexual dysfunction through drugs and psychotherapy. Why? Because they entered marriage with unresolved sexual issues. For example, a man may think that he will be free from the curse of Indecency once he gets married, only to find that the problems are even more noticeable and controlling.

4. The risk of placing your future children in spiritual harm’s way The Bible clearly speaks of the concept of generational sin. What you sow (plant) spiritually may be reaped in the life of your children. Break the power of Satan’s curse. Remain pure before God and you’ll be tenaciously guarding the future of the next generation. ,

5. The risk of depression Those who participate in premarital se x experience emotional damage that may lead to an increased chance of mental depression and emotional despair.

6. The risk of permanently damaging your testimony as a Christian or Muslim You’ll never be able to honestly say, “I was a vir gin before I was married.” You’ll never be able to live as an example of committed purity.

7. The risk of damaging the destiny of your future marriage There is no way that premarital se x of any kind could be a plus for your future marriage. It only causes suspicion, mistrust, and regret.

8. Risks of incurable disease Imagine that you have found that one special person with whom you want to share your life. And now you are forced to break the news that you have an incurable disease. Even though such diseases like herpes are generally not considered life threatening, there are no cures. Not only is it incurable, it fills a life with worries, awkward revelations, and continuous need for medication. Herpes and other STD’s are everywhere. Why risk contracting an STD?

9. The risk of lost relationships When you choose to develop a sexual relationship with someone, you have immediately changed the entire definition of the relationship. God’s intent was for a man and woman to enjoy se x throughout the course of a lifetime. There is no such thing as casual se x. Once you have developed a sexual relationship, that relationship turns a critical corner. After the relationship ends, you and your partner will experience the guilt and pain of promises broken.

10. The risk of death No one can deny that having se x before marriage can have grave consequences. disease like AIDS and its likes kills its victims. The choice is yours… 


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