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A reminder than men’ll show you ‘shege’, Yul Edochie’s daughter says

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Actor Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle, has reminded her fans how uncertainty and betrayal comes with every romantic relationship.

Danielle, who has been more vocal about relationship problems since her father married a new wife, has given another insight to relationships and marriages as a whole.

Danielle in a recent post said men will show you ‘shege’ in a relationship.

She also made reference to a 2007 song made by Brick and Lace, ‘Love is Wicked’. She was also seen in a Tik Tok Update dancing to the song.

The 17-year-old wrote, “Just a reminder that men will show you shege, women will show you shege, the ones in between will show you shege so just book a flight to neptune and start a family there all by yourself.

“Not this song (referring to Brick and Lace’s ‘Love is Wicked’) trending again lol.”

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