Abduction: Actors don’t have money – Actress Monalisa Chinda

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Nollywood actress and a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Monalisa Chinda Coker, has revealed how small actors’ salaries as opposed to what is being displayed.

In reaction to the recent kidnap of two Nollywoos actors, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornell, Monalisa said she doesn’t understand why people live off the lives of actors based on the roles they play.

She said actors are being paid ‘paltry’ sums of money and are still faced with life problems of their own.

The actress added that the money being requested by the abductors is absurd because there is nowhere to get such from.

She added the numbers of the abductors can be traced so something should be done as soon as possible.

The mother of one wrote, “I don’t understand how people would think that Actors have money… with the paltry sum we receive as fees?

“The struggle through life vicissitudes, health issues etc. we face every now n then???
$100k from where?

“The numbers that were used to communicate with them can easily be traced.. I mean.. 😭😭😭
The search is on🙏🙏🙏
Let’s keep reposting, please… “