Abra Cadabra Circles The Block Twice On “Spin This Coupe”

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It’s been four years since Abra Cadabra broke out with “Robbery.” The anthem received a remix from Krept & Konan that further propelled the London MC into the limelight but unfortunately, things seemed relatively stagnant for a few years. He’s been in full motion all 2020, delivering banger after banger as well as his latest EP, LOL: Love Or Lust?

The rapper returned this week with yet another banger to add to his list of bangers released this year. Abra basks in the equally triumphant and chaotic sounds of UK drill production as he delivers a high-energy banger and flexing some of his most impressive flows to date. 

Could Cadabra be readying a new project before the year come to an end? We can only hope. Peep “Spin This Coupe” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Gangstas to the left and my right
Keep thinking everyting nice, ’til we tek mans life
You coulda been a murderer, coulda been a terrorist
We don’t care, we just slap these 9s
Thеy all stress, come back and I’m bettеr than ever
And this time I’m poppin’ off on them whenever the weather
Straight winners, no L’s, jus’ me and my breddas
OFB, Farm Block, go gettas

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