Acne Prone Skin? Try These 2 Weekly ‘Therapies’!


Acne prone skin is such a bother, trust us we know the struggle!

Acne prone skin is common – it’s not even fair to think some people just waltz their way through life with flawless skin and we are here dealing with those breakouts and trying hard to watch the triggers– it’s such a task but we’ve stopped complaining because it looks like we’ve finally found how to put this under control and as usual, we’ve got you.

If you have acne prone skin, you should most of all go off testing random products, stick to few ones that work and watch skincare habits, don’t touch your face, don’t try to pick pimples, it’s a no to scrubbing your face like it needs to come off that surface and most importantly watch what you eat, so switch those cakes and chocolates for parfaits, smoothies and greens! Plus drink a lot of water, once those are sorted, these two therapies work wonders!

acne prone skin


The Aloe + Honey Mask

Aloe vera is a wonder plant just so you know and it works amazing to keep your skin looking soft and smoother. It always works well to soothe inflamed skin and if you have a blemish prone one, this plant is a must use.

All you need is a dime size of the gel from the plant, add this to equal part honey and mix together. Apply this on clean face and let sit for 30 mins then rinse off. It’s intensely moisturizing and soothes the skin.

Use this once a week and you’d be amazed at the results.

acne prone skin


The Lemon Water Magic

Not a magic per se but water (obviously) rocks for clearer skin! Throw lemon in there and you get brighter results…literally. Squeeze one lemon into a glass of water. Drink once a day or 3 times in a week to help clean your skin from inside out i.e glowing skin in no time.

Use this 3 times in a week for faster results.

Do you have a skincare secret? Share with us, we want to know what works for you and if you didn’t before now, you should try this tip too!




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