Actor Victor Iyke Recounts Ordeals With Homosexuals In Nollywood

Nollywood actor cum filmmaker has further confirmed the existence of homosexuals in the Nollywood industry as he recounts how he had come across many of them.
The self acclaimed King Of Igbo Filmmaking, in a recent interview, noted that homsexuals are everywhere not just in the industry, and his encounters with them is one of the reasons he had to start producing his own movies.

“Homosexuals are everywhere not just Nollywood. And yes I had encounters with them while chasing a career as an actor in Nollywood. They are part of the reason I had to start making my own films, to be in charge so no one would have to give me such conditions before getting a movie role”, he said.
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Despite this, however, Victor Iyke noted that he will like to get married to his colleague in the industry as that will help their story writing. “I’m looking forward to getting married to an actress. it would be a blessing because we would get to mix our creativity. Being in the same field we get to help each other attain our goals faster . Imagine after a wonderful love making, BOOM! We both come up with a wonderful story too  on the bed and start working on it.”Homosexuals In Nollywood Are The Reason I Had To Be Independent - Victor IykePhotos Credit: Instagram/Victor Iyke