Actors have rights to support political aspirants – AGN president

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The President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, has stated that actors are at liberty to endorse any political party or aspirant.

He said this in a meeting. Emeka stated that it’s their right as citizens of the country to endorse or support whoever they want.

However, he went on to say that the body (AGN) is not in support of anyone endorsing any political party under the umbrella of AGN.

Emeka said anybody caught in the act will be sanctioned.

He said, “The AGN is a non-political and non-profit-making association. It is the right of individual members to campaign for, support, promote, and even endorse any aspirant of their choice…

“Such an individual does not represent the interest of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and must not speak in a manner of representing or on behalf of the Guild. Any member who violates the order will be sanctioned accordingly.

“Any political party that discusses campaign promotion, rallies, and other political issues with an individual actor on behalf of the AGN does so at their own risk.”

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