Home News Actress Shade Akin Taylor ‘Oluweri Magbojo’, is dead

Actress Shade Akin Taylor ‘Oluweri Magbojo’, is dead


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Nollywood actress, Shade Akin Taylor, popularly known for her mermaid role in the 90s Nollywood movies, is dead.

Popularly called Oluweri Magbojo, the light skinned actress reportedly died in the UK on Monday, February 28. She died at age 59.

Her family had taken to Facebook to disclose her passing.

Posting a picture with R.I.P written on it, the caption read, “Painful exit, my sister Sade Akin Taylor. You left without saying goodbye.”

Another family member noted that she would have been 60 years old in October.

Another wrote, “Shade Akintaylor lives on. OluweriMagbo Ojo. Adieu.”

Her cause of death is yet to be revealed.

The light-skinned actress was well-known for her appearances in movies produced by Gbenga Adewusi’s Bayowa Films International.

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