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Adults Only!! Slow Se x Is Way More Enjoyable Than B anging Or Pounding Hard And Faster (Must Read For All Couples)



Most ladies are usually very shy to discuss this,but maybe after reading this thread who knows,you may just be bold enough to tell him how you like it. If your man strips you in 2seconds,and starts ba.nging immediately even when you are dry,its time to change tactics. Most guys actually prefer it rough and hot,and if unfortunately you ain’t that kinda woman,your sexual life may be quite boring even after faking those org asms.

First step is understanding your body! If your body isn’t used to violence,dont fake it.dont tell him to tie your hands like a se.x slave just because he enjoys doing that. Tell him exactly how you would prefer being handled,except u really enjoy faking your hair being pulled and ridden without mercy.

Secondly,come to a mutual understanding with your man. Ladies always make the mistake of waiting for the guy to initiate se x. It’s usually very cool if a lady initiates it,it doesn’t make u slutty,it doesn’t bring down your pride,it makes you incharge. 

At this point you can direct your man to various areas u like being kissed or touched,you must also reciprocate. Remember it’s a mutual thing,you mustn’t be selfish.

Thirdly,enjoy the moment. I would say a good pre-intimacy makes a good se x! Take every step slowly.Spend at least 5-10 mins on eachothers sensitive parts. If you do your bj’s well,trust me your man wouldn’t wanna dive you in 2seconds.Guys if u got a degree in cunninlingus,she wouldn’t be so dry in 5mins making you frustrated about the whole thing.

In conclusion,se x isn’t always about pounding,hair pulling,screaming,whips and chains,semi-rape,brutal banging…..naah.Try the slow method sometime,it’s better.It gives you more time to understand your bodies and cravings as well.Those slow thrusts from him could set your hormones on fire,while you return the favour with deep kisses and switching positions too.

Always try something different se xually. 


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