Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment (E-Recruitment)

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Online recruitment also known as E-recruitment is the process of hiring the potential candidates for the vacant job positions, using electronic resources, particularly the internet.


E-recruitment also refers to the use of web-based technology for the various processes of attracting, assessing, selecting, recruiting and onboarding job candidates.

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Recently, companies make use of the internet to reach a large number of job seekers and hire the best talent for the company at a less cost, as compared to the traditional recruitment process.


Through e-recruitment, employers reach a larger number of potential employees. Companies may build their e-recruitment platforms as an in-house, use e-recruitment HR software or employ recruitment agencies that utilize e-recruitment as part of their package.

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However, E-Recruitment includes the entire process of finding the prospective candidates, assessing CV/resume, interviewing and hiring them, as per the job requirement. Through this, the recruitment is done more effectively and efficiently.

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The number of e-recruitment sites seems to be multiplying day by day as it is facilitating the recruitment process in more than one way.

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Initially, it was observed that this process was embraced by big IT firms but now, it is becoming part of every organization in the business world. (Read also: Job Interview: Top 15 Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired)

The Advantages Of Online Recruitment

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online recruitment is a valuable tool to be used when looking for new hires, but the most effective strategy would be to conduct multiple simultaneous campaigns, including the use of traditional media, headhunters and external recruiting agencies.

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However, here are the advantages of online recruitment (e-recruitment) over traditional recruitment.

Online Recruitment Is Quick

A job vacancy can be put on a job site in the morning, the first applications arrive by lunchtime, and a candidate interviewed by the end of the day. Of course, it isn’t always like this. It isn’t even often like this. But the fact that such things do happen so quickly gives an indication of just how quick recruiting online can be.

Online Recruitment Is Cost-Effective


Putting a job vacancy on your own company website costs you nothing while putting one on a job board usually only costs a couple of hundred pounds or euros. When you consider that a recruitment consultant fee for a candidate could be anything up to 20% of the first year’s salary and that advertising in a national newspaper can cost thousands, you can immediately see the cost savings possible with online recruitment.

Online Recruitment Is Easy


Posting a job on your own site is straightforward enough. Most job sites and CV databases are very user-friendly and you don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of IT to post a vacancy advertisement. Usually, all you need is your job description, a bit of time and a credit card. And, if you have any problems the job board sales team is there to help you.  It’s even easier to post a job on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and they are free.

Online Recruitment Gives Room To Bigger Audience

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The internet is a global phenomenon, with more and more users gaining access every day, while in most developed countries, internet usage is extremely high. Therefore, you are gaining exposure to a huge potential pool of applicants. Although, many people new to online recruitment think it is only effective if you are looking for young net-savvy Facebook-type people.

This simply isn’t the case. Research consistently shows that the average age of candidates using online recruitment channels is around 35 years old. And the trend is up. Online recruitment is now a standard part of most people’s job hunting no matter what level or age.

Online Recruitment Gives You A Better Chance Of Success

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Traditional print advertising be it national, local regional or trade press faces limitations: the success of a vacancy advertisement depends on people happening upon the ad on a particular page in a particular issue. Online recruitment is different.

A job vacancy advertisement on a job board or website is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you desire. Candidates can come back to it again and again. And from office administrator to Financial Director: they are all online

 Online Recruitment Is Easily Accessible

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No matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet-enabled device and connection, then you can perform all those management tasks described above. You can modify your job posting, see how many replies you have and even communicate with candidates directly.

The Disadvantages Of Online Recruitment

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Online recruitment offers clear advantages over traditional recruitments methods. At the same time, however, one must be cognizant of the disadvantages inherent in online recruitment too in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with it.

Online Recruitment Attracts Fraudulent Applicants

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Some applications might be fake, in order to get information about the company or hiring officer (a common espionage tactic), while spammers might use the information posted online to promote a service or product to your company. If you give away too many details in your ad, malicious hackers can even use the information to potentially gain access to your company’s IT systems.

However, online recruitment can also attract bad candidates which can potentially be a negative point as well, though. Posting a position online usually results in hundreds of applicants, many of whom will not be suitable for, or serious about, the role, thus diluting the quality of your talent pool.

Online Recruitment Have Too many candidates

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While you may wonder how too many candidates applying for your job could ever count as a disadvantage, it is a fact that dealing with inappropriate, irrelevant and bad candidates is the bugbear of many HR managers. Candidate spam can waste a lot of time.

However, with a bit of thought about what job site you use, how you write your job description and using candidate screening and filtering tools on job boards, it is possible to reduce the number of irrelevant applicants.

Online Recruitment Have A Lot Of Competition

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The main downside to following trends is that everybody else is doing the same thing. As a result, your post can quickly become buried under a mountain of other job offers, forcing you to either pay more for extra exposure or risk not being seen. When it comes to social media, you are also at the mercy of Facebook or Twitter’s algorithms, meaning that who you target is essentially in the hands of somebody else.

Online Recruitment is Difficult To Measure Effectiveness

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Not all online recruitment services offer an in-depth analysis of your posting; therefore, it can be hard to figure out what is and isn’t working and how to optimize your ad. Of course, this is a common problem in offline recruitment, too, but it is worth remembering that just because you have posted an ad online, it doesn’t mean that you will always have access to reams of metrics and supporting data.

Online Recruitment is Costly

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Depending on the online platform you use, you may have to pay a subscription fee or other costs to post your vacancy. Some sites might even require a membership fee or charge for extra services like application tracking or analytics to manage your advert. Also, if you are not getting the kind of response you are looking for, the costs of leaving the ad to run can accumulate.

It won’t always work

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Online recruitment doesn’t work every time. Every job vacancy cannot be posted or filled online. There will always be difficult-to-fill jobs that can only be filled by recruitment consultants, headhunters or in other ways. However, most companies tend to hire for pretty standard job roles so this is seldom an issue.

And with more and more job seekers choosing the internet to look for jobs, and more and more job sites and job boards specializing in ever more diverse areas, those difficult-to-fill jobs are becoming less day by day.

Techniques For Online Recruitment​

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E-recruitment is the way toward utilizing innovation and specifically web/Web-based assets for errands required with finding, drawing in, surveying, meeting and contracting new candidates.

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Various organizations are using the Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through the worldwide web. The candidates who are looking for a job with matching skills send their applications or curriculum vitae (CV) through an e-mail using the Internet.


These are the different e-recruitment techniques that an organization can use to employee promising candidates to their establishment.

Resume Scanners/filters


Resume Filters or scanners is one of the major features provided by job portals to the organizations. Through these techniques organizations or businesses can screen and channel the resumes of applicants through pre-characterized criteria and prerequisites (aptitudes, capabilities, encounter, finance and so on.) in order to pick their desired employee. Online recruitment automates the recruitment process, save time and costs on recruitments.

Tracking System

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A well defined and organized candidate tracking system ought to be incorporated and the framework ought to have back-end support. With back-office bolster a thorough site get and process work applications (through immediate or web-based publicizing) that are easily developed.

Job Websites 

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Another technique is candidates place their CVs or resumes on job websites, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements.

The motivation behind e-enrollment is to make the procedures more productive and powerful, as well as affordable. Online enlistment can achieve a bigger pool of potential representatives and encourage the determination procedure.


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