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(ADVICE NEEDED): My Boyfriend Is A Boob Freak, How Do I Make Him Love Me The Way I Am?



A lady with tiny b**bs has written to relationship experts, Joro Olumofin. Read below her plight;

“Hello Joro..great work you are doing. Please, my problem is that I met a guy I really like.. He likes me too but each time we are about to make out or make love, I’m always nervous and conscious of what might be going through his mind. He really loves big b**bs and mine is so little. You can’t even hold it talk more of squeezing it.. Please how do I make them bigger (he broke up with his ex because he said he wasn’t sexually attracted to her… and when I checked her pictures, she also has tiny b**bs”.. I know deep down that he’s managing me. It has been the issue with my . relationships and has really affected my esteem. What do I do? How do I make them bigger?? Thanks.”



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