Question: I am 28-year-old married woman working in a reputed company. My husband is also of the same age but unemployed. I have been in this relationship for the past 10 years, though we got married 3 years ago. We fight and argue almost every day. He is always moody, no matter how hard I try to make him happy. He always abuses me and my family, doubts me and tortures me literally. He hits me frequently. Once he came to my office and and slapped me in front of my colleagues.

Since I am unable to bear with this torture, I want a divorce from him, but he’s not willing to grant me one. Infact, he always threatens me that he will kill me or will throw acid on me if I try and leave him. I have warned him that I will go to the police, but he’s not afraid of the consequences and says, “Police can keep me in the jail for maximum 90 days or 9 years. After getting out of the jail, I will kill you and your entire family”. What should I do? I have even contemplated suicide.


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