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(ADVICE NEEDED): My Pregnancy Has Made Me Hate My Husband



I am pregnant and have an inactive s*x life because of that. I can see that my husband looks at me with pity now and I hate that look on his face. That’s also the reason I don’t tell him about the discomfort I am feeling most of the times.

He has started coming home late and I see his check-ins with his friends often – both male and female. I am feeling a lot of anger towards him because he doesn’t even go for regular check ups with me. I am managing my work, home and everything else alone.

I often feel that I will be better off without him. He is making me lose my confidence and that’s making me more interested in other men around me who take so much care- whether I have eaten, how I am travelling etc. These are my colleagues and some old friends. I feel like a desperate woman sometimes who desperately wants a man to make her feel good. What should I do?

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