Afia Schwar wants $100K from cosmetics company over ‘roasted plantain’ skin

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Afia Schwar wants $100K from cosmetics company over ‘roasted plantain’ skin

A letter sighted on social media suggests that Afia Schwarzenegger is demanding compensation the owner of Penamang Cosmetics to the tune of $100,000.

According to her, the products produced by the company has had an adverse effect on her skin and has also dented her hard earned image as an influencer.

“ As you are aware, our Client upon using your products, started experiencing certain damaging effects on her skin, especially to her elbows and knuckles. After our client reported the outcome to you, you met her up in London and gave her another range of products to use, ostensibly to repair the damage. The damage however persisted after the use of the products.

“Our instructions go to the effect that on or about 7th September, 2020, you informed our client that due to the complaints on the condition of her knuckles, a condition caused by your products, she cannot continue as a brand ambassador for your products because it paints a negative picture of your products.”

“We therefore hold the instructions of our client to demand from you, WHICH WE HEREBY DO, that you pay to our client the sum of USD 100,000 as compensation for the damage caused to our client’s person and her brand by your product and also the use of your products.


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It could be remembered that some weeks ago, chats leaked when the owner of Penamang Cosmetics was teasing some celebrities in Ghana for begging to be ambassadors for her product.

In the chat, the owner is said to have said that Medikal begged to be made an ambassador for the product to cover up for his source of wealth because the FBI is on his case and may be closing in on him anytime soon.

Also, in the leaked chats, the owner of the company said she had terminated her contract with Afia Schwarzenegger because of her black knuckles was preventing people from believing the potency of her product.

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