Afia Schwarz Shamelessly Goes After NDC Supporter | VIDEO

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Afia Schwarz Goes After NDC Supporter
Afia Schwarz Shamelessly Goes After NDC Supporter

Afia Schwarz Shamelessly Goes After NDC Supporter

Loudmouth Ghanaian media personality Afia Schwarzenegger has shamelessly attacked an NDC supporter who slammed her for attacking Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang.

According to Afia, the NDC party has nothing to boast of after 5 years of her advocating for them.

“I am respecting people who are talking to me and that is why I am keeping quiet. You are mad, If I am hungry, It is all because of the NDC.

Aren’t you ashamed that the five years that I spent with you people I’ve got nothing to boast of? When you were sharing contracts to the women did you regard me?” she quizzed supports of the NDC in a Facebook live video.

Afia Schwarzenegger further added that “I will pay no heed to your foolish foot soldiers in my comment session.

I campaigned for the NDC with my so-called ugly face, I don’t remember saying anything wrong against anybody… do you think I care about your insults? …

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Whhen my ex-husband circulated my nvdity which member of the NDC even cared to pick a phone to console me? Are you mad?”

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