Afia Schwarzenegger Ignites Beef With Blogger, Dragging Turns Dirty On IG

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Afia Schwarzenegger Ignites Beef With Blogger, Dragging Turns Dirty On IG

Loudmouth actress Afia Schwarzenegger has ignited her beef with Instagram blogger Identified as ‘thosecalledcelebs’.
The beef comes on the neck of threats which the blogger complained that the ruling New Patriotic Party is making her stop supporting them.

Afia Schwarzenegger has however mocked the blogger over her claims that nobody needs her support to win the upcoming election because she doesn’t live in Ghana and not even having a voters ID card.

Thosecalledcelebs also reacted to Afia’s mockery stating that the NPP is wasting their money on the actress who attacked the party sometime back.

Not long ago, the blogger noted that a presidential staffer threatens her life which led to Afia Schwarzenegger subjected her to mockery.

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Check her response below….

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Mede3 if u say….will bring u on board to explain it…….if @nakufoaddo doesn't need anyone's support….I think his team wldnt had paid u to come n talk about free SHS dey claim is good for de nation??…..they wldnt have contacted bloggers….presenters to help dem do campaign……dey wldnt hv been roaming in villages n towns for votes….u see why I say this particular lady is gonna bring de whole NPP down???? I told u guys oooo….didnt I??? She is gonna create enmity between the citizens and de sitting president….I told u oooooo…3na 3da h) no….If Nana Addo dnt need anyone's support…..u guys can throw ur support to JDM oke cux at de end of the day….NPP will rather honor n acknowledge those who insulted dem …those who brought dem down n threat those who put down their lives for dem…… . . NANA dnt need anyone support cux dis big lastic mouth here can bring Nana Addo to power…..dey dnt need us…but dey run to us n EVIDENCES dnt lie….we never run to dem…this must tell u how valuable we are…if u follow her….u wld be disappointed in Nana ..meanwhile those who bribe her no…NANA got no idea of it oooo….dax de case …..nti woka aaaa na woato wo bo kakra!!

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