According to Variety, Hit TV series, Ugly Betty is set to get an African treatment, and we honestly don’t know what to do with ourselves at this point.

Ugly Betty dominated our TV screens from 2006 to 2010, and we were sad to see the series wrap up. Yet there’s the good news: it’s coming to Africa, and this time it gets a total makeover. First broadcasted for American audiences, the show’s reboot will be written for African viewers complete with South African characters!

South Africa Is Getting Its Own Version Of 'Ugly Betty' And We're So Excited!

(Photo: TV Guide)

The series, originally inspired by a Colombian telenovela titled Betty La Fea, has been optioned by Known Associates Entertainment.

Speaking to the press about the remake,  The chairman of Known Associates, Joel Phiri said:

“It is a great pleasure to be able to bring this evergreen home to South African audiences, and we are looking forward to finding the best broadcaster for the series,”.

“We intend to make it along much the same lines as the other successful ‘Ugly Bettys’: with a local flavor, and in South African languages.”

South Africa Is Getting Its Own Version Of 'Ugly Betty' And We're So Excited!

(Photo: Known Associates Entertainment)

So what we can expect is a similar plot to the American and Colombian version which focuses on an awkward young woman slowly coming into herself. We are curious to see how the South African version will be pulled off and how fans of Ugly Betty will receive it.

For now, there’s no known date of when the new TV series will be available for us all to watch. In the meantime, why not watch these Nollywood movies on Netflix?




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