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Africa Magic soap opera Battleground – Here Are Our Favourite CharactersZUMI



With over 200 episodes and counting, Africa Magic soap opera Battleground has produced a large number of characters, all memorable in their own right.

In case you don’t know, Africa Magic soap opera Battleground is one of the biggest and most successful Nigerian TV shows.  It is a family drama that explores relatable themes such as relationships, betrayals, infidelity, politics and romance.

The show is your typical Nigerian story:  Kolade Bhadmus cheats on his wife, secretly marries his side chick, has kids with both women, and following a set of events, his two worlds suddenly collide.

Africa Magic soap opera Battleground

(Photo: AfricaMagic)

If you’re a fan like us, then you’re probably currently enjoying the crossover episodes between the Bhadmuses and the Tsenogus from another hit TV show, Hush. 

Anyway, we’ve put together a list of our favourite characters on the show.

1. Teni Bhadmus

We love Teni (.ed by Ini Dima-Okojie) for reasons such as her gentle yet strong spirit, her love for her family, and of course, her relationship with Emeka.  We’ve been rooting for the Tenka ship since its inception. Teni has been through a lot, and while we sort of find her annoying these days, she’s an ultimate fave and we are rooting for her happy ending!

2.  Emeka Kalu

Emeka (Nonso Bassey) won our hearts with his love and support for Teni. We totally love how he was able to stand up to Teni’s family. We really can’t wait for the Tenka ship to find happiness!

3. Hadiza Bako

We get it guys, Hadiza is the worst! However, that’s part of what makes her one of the best on the show. She is also one smart woman who knows how to get her way. So yes, we stan this badass queen! The character is .ed by Bikiya Graham-Douglas.

4. Chichi

Even on days when she’s annoyingly extra, Chichi (Bunmi one character who brings us so much joy with her witty lines and mannerisms.

5. Adaora

From the moment we found out Kolade had two wives, we knew who we wanted to win: Adaora! Of course, Cissy made it easy with her annoying decisions, but Adaora(Shaffy Bello) is arguably an instant fan favourite. Also, we stan a stylish and protective mother!

6. Ola Bhadmus

We think Ola (Okey Uzoeshi) is low-key just as much of a schemer and as stubborn as his father, and yet, even on his most exasperating days, there’s still something about him that makes us root for him.

7. The General

Fam! Every show deserves a villain like The General, and we are still not over how first-time actor, Ron Mgbatogu, gives this character so much life.

Are you a fan of Africa Magic drama series Battleground? Which of these characters is your favourite? If we missed your favourite, share with us in the comment section. And guys, we think there are still other cool Nigerian TV shows you should check out!




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