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African Fashion: Asoebi || Latest Magnificent and Divinely Dazzling Asoebi Styles (2021)

Hi Elegant and Stylish Fashionista\’s, here\’s the latest and trending Asoebi styles.
You can wear these styles to your special events, such as weddings, christenings, birthday parties, balls, church services and many more places.

Now sit back and enjoy the latest elegant Asoebi styles.

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Aso Ebi
Aso ebi or Asoebi is a uniform dress worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indication of unity for ceremonies, festivals and other special occasions and events. The purpose of it is to symbolise self-identification with relatives or friends during occasions.

“Aso” in the Nigerian Yoruba language means cloth and “Ebi” denotes family. So, in essence it is a family cloth usually worn during family ceremonies and funerals. However now Asoebi can be worn by friends as well as strangers to the occasions.

Historically Asoebi worn by relatives included the same style dress, footwear, necklace etc.

The 1960’s and 1970’s saw the importation of Lace and George fabrics into Nigeria and these became popular and common fabrics used for Asoebi.

The Gele (a Yoruba word) is a traditional Nigerian head-wrap. It is worn as an accessory during special occasions. Gele is usually made from Aso-Oke, a textured, tightly hand-woven, glossy, cotton cloth made into a variety of patterns and colours. The threads used in weaving include cotton, silk, rayon and metallic lurex fibres.

Gele can be large and elaborate or petite. The more elaborate ones are usually worn to weddings, special events and church activities.

Historically African Wax Print fabric was manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian market. However it received more interest in the West African market, mainly due to its bold and vibrant colours and pattern. African Wax Print fabric is made by African print Dutch company Vlisco. The fabric is now commonly referred to as Ankara (from Nigeria, West Africa).

Ankara is a common fabric used for clothing throughout Africa. Various countries and tribes in Africa have there own colour combinations and patterns to represent their cultures on the fabric.

Ankara fabric is 100% cotton. The quality of the Ankara fabric is determined by the process it undergoes during the manufacturing process.

Ankara fabrics are made using the wax resist technique method of dying cloth. The wax is melted, patterned on the cloth and soaked in the dye. This process is repeated for multiple colours and pattern combinations.

Disclaimer: Elegant Fashion Styles does not claim ownership of any styles or pictures shown here. This video is for \”How-to and Style\” purposes only. All rights and ownership of styles and pictures belong to the rightful owners being the extremely talented and creative designers, muse, stylists, photographers etc. No copyright intended.

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