African Hairstyles From Back In The Days

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Obviously, weaves and wigs have taken over, and it’s quite a Herculean task coming across indigenous African hairstyles. However, if you look closely, you’ll still find a number of ladies sporting them.

African Hairstyles

African HairstylesSome serious Africanists would not even toy with the idea of putting on a weave or wig, because it would be an insult to our heritage and ancestors and the hairstyles they adorned. It was and still is our identity and some still believe that one day, we’ll go back to it.

With civilization, people began to put away Didi, Shuku, Rubber, Afro, Bob Marley, Patewo, Two steps, Police Cap and other such beautiful styles away. We however, decided to bring them them back, because who knows, someone might just get inspired to try them out.

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