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  1. Hey you i am from the Kalapuya Nation in Oregon a Native American Tribe . I love different cultures I find that every one has something different to offer to the table and you are a very beautiful spirit thank you for sharing your culture with us.

  2. i am African American tappin into my african roots. im hopin to learn how to wear a gele and other type of hair wraps. they are so damn cute and cultural. i love them.

  3. my mom is dad is african and my mom is nigerian and they do not get alone and i luk NOTHING like the cultures or watever and my lil sis is now trying to learn how to speak african but she knos the other 2 i was jus trying to see the outfit luved the makeup by the way

  4. You are not just an African queen. You are the queen of all queens. Black is not local not even National Black is universal. The black women is the queen of humanity.

  5. I love the way you put on everything, and you are so down to earth. I live in Mali and I'm from America most people here think that i'm from Africa just can't speak the lang. hopefully i will adapt to the culture. I would like to email you and you can me with some things. Thanks

  6. This was a very informative video and thank you for posting. I am a all natural woman and I must admit, I love you makeup and have actually considered trying this look out for some photos. Thank you for posting and may God truly continue to bless you.


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