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After 7-years and 2 kids, Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvado finally proposes to his long time partner




Famous Ugandan comedian, Patrick Salvado Idringi has just proposed to his long time partner, Daphine Frankstock.


Salvado and Daphine have been together for 7-years and they have two kids together. 


Explaining why and how he proposed, the comedian wrote, ‘the journey to officially make her Mrs. Idringi started last Saturday, after doing extremely well and getting her post graduate degree in Procurement and Supply Chain management, i thought this was the right time to go down on one knee in-front of close family and friends and pop he question. .


7years, 2 Kids and a fulfilled promise of supporting her education and dreams, SHE SAID YES. So yeah guys just wanted to share with you what went down last weekend and how God has been their to direct my dreams and for that I’m grateful. 2019 ha started on a good note and I intend to keep it that way with my biggest Director by my side. GOD. Have yourselves a blessed day, week, month and year’.


After 7-years and 2 kids, Ugandan?comedian Patrick Salvado finally proposes to his long time partner

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