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After fight with her ex-super eagles husband, gets tattoo to annoy him

After fight with her ex-super eagles husband, Adaeze Yobo gets tattoo to annoy him

Adaeze Yobo has revealed how anger got the best of her. The Wife of ex-Super Eagles footballer, Joseph Yobo recounts how a little fight between her and hubby led her to get a tattoo. Read how her husband reacted below.

Adaeze Yobo:

”So let me tell you my lovers a short story about this tatoo you’re looking at ? So About 6years ago my hubby and I were having one of those fights (wasn’t serious at all) 2days of not talking to each other, my Brazilian neighbour calls me and said they invited one of the best tattoo artist from Cyprus and some players & WAGs who want to get a tattoo can come over to their home the next day. I wasn’t interested but that night of not talking I began to think deep and remembered my hubby hates tattoos and I was like “jackpot” I shall deal with him so the next day came, I dressed up and strolled down to the house. When it got to my turn the guys assistant asked what I wanted, I said write my son’s name “Joey” immediately, I thought that won’t hurt him as much then I googled brazilian cartoon characters and I saw this character and I said I want this too and they made that “awww” sound I was like this people don’t get that I don’t want cute so I said make it “wink” ? and they did. Funny part is we reconciled like the next day he saw the tattoo and we added 2 more days of fight and finally reconciled he lived with it but I’m stuck with a tattoo that people ask me the meaning or what the hell it is and I don’t even know. I’m always looking for ways to cover it cos I’m too old to be carrying a meaningless winking cartoon character ??? smh!
moral of this story ;
Anger is not good for you. ?”

adaeze yobo

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