After Reading The Book Of Moses, My Life Was Almost Ruined

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During the sojourn of Reggae singer, Majek Fashek on earth, there were lot of postulations and rumors that the singer had given his life to weed and hard drugs, which were responsible for the decline in his music.

"Majek Fashek Is Very Sick", Manager Reveals, Seek Support For The Singer

"Majek Fashek Is Very Sick", Manager Reveals, Seek Support For The SingerIn the same vein, certain reports stated that the singer’s career had taken a nose dive after reading the famed Book of Moses.

In a soon to be released book, a biography about the Reggae singer by Nigerian author, Azuka Jebose, the speculations have now been confirmed.

Before passing on, the singer had revealed that he really read the book of Moses and that it had truly messed with his mind because he had failed to adhere to the rules.

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In a Facebook post by the author, he wrote that Majek Fashek had said, “Jebose, its true I read the book of Moses and it affected me because I couldn’t keep the rules of the book. But God saved my life; nor be igbo or ogogoro dey worry me … na the book…I disobeyed the laws of Moses… I am not Moses….God saved my life…I am going through recovery and soon the circles would complete.

“That’s all I can tell you right now: You know say nor be today you know me Jebose, so I nor fit lie to you or hide anything from you. Jah Lives.”

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