After a long-lasting marriage of 96 years together and counting, a devout Chinese couple who are now both over 100 years old still got their love groove on and remain very much in love.

In accordance with a custom known as “tongyangxi”, Wife Wei Basao, now 103 years old moved in with her 102-year-old husband, Wei Qishou’s family when she was just six-years-old after her parents died, leaving her and her brother to fend for themselves.

Tongyangxi, Mandarin for “child raised as a daughter-in-law”, is an ancient form of arranged marriage in which a family would adopt a pre-adolescent girl as a future bride for one of their equally young sons.

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Basao was just six when she arrived in the home of husband Qishou, in the Taiping Village of Guilin, a city in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the two were raised together as a couple.

Basao remembers her wedding to Wei Qishou saying in the evening, they had dinner with all the family elders and they were married.

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The family, who relied mostly on farming to survive, was reportedly very poor, and Basao and Qishou often had to sleep on bare beds, but the husband’s family treated Basao well, offering her food even when they did not have enough to eat themselves.

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When the couple were older, Qishou began earning a meagre income as a farmer, while his wife also chipped in with money earned from making shoes by hand – and they have lived that way ever since.

The couple live a simple life and have never owned a car. They ended up having five sons and a daughter who now visit their elderly parents when possible.

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Media pictures show the couple cooking a meal together and arranging their clothes. They are never seen apart from each other.

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Residents in Taiping Village say they have never seen Basao and Qishou argue, and that they can often be seen walking through the village hand-in-hand whenever the weather permits, leaving a legacy of a long and happy life together.



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